Tuesday, August 29, 2006

News Catch Up

I have been a bit busy at school as of late so I missed blogging yesterday. However I will catch up today with some commentary.

Former Republican VP Candidate Jack Kemp will campaign for former Democrat VP candidate Joe Lieberman

One has to love the irony of politics. Apparently Lieberman is 12 points clear of Lamont.

More distorted reports from the Lebanon Conflict
One of the biggest losers in this war was the press - a massive loss in credibility.

Iranian-Arab Human rights Issues
Why don't the the Canadian and American Arab communities speak out about this?
Are they too obsessed with Israel to care?

Chavez and Syria's Assad buddy up
What did they say about Birds of a feather?
I wish they would both 'flock off' together.

China and Russia co-operation
In my book History of the Future (go to http://www.forbesbookclub.com/bookpage.asp?prod_cd=IY3M6) I predict that both these countries plus the Muslim world will
ally with one another against the west. I hope that I am wrong.

A slightly older one here. On the left's sacred cow: Affirmative Action
by Thomas Sowell
What amazes me is that in this era of anti-discrimination, affirmative action is so tolerated.
Maybe two wrongs in some universes does make a right?

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