Saturday, August 05, 2006

23 Signs that the world is Insane

1. Human Rights groups refusing to criticize terrorist groups such as Hezbollah.
2. So-called Leftist progressives allying themselves with Islamic Fundamentalists.
3. University boycott petitions aimed at Israel but ignoring the human rights abuse of China, Pakistan, the Arab World etc.
4. Vladimir Putin criticizing Israel for using excessive force in Lebanon when he had no qualms about using even more force in Chechnya (taking into account that Chechnya seperartists are far less a threat to Russia than Hezbollah is to Israel).
5. The Muslim community in Canada criticizing Israel while downplaying human rights abuses in Darfur, Iraq (Muslim-Muslim violence) and Iran.
6. The Muslim community in Canada remaining silent about torture in Syria when it was clearly highlighted as a problem during the Arar case.
7. Leftist Progressives who seem quite wiling to witness Afghanistan falling into the hands of the Taliban (by encouraging a US withdrawal). After all the Taliban has such a wonderful record on human rights and women's issues. Where is Gloria Steinhem when you need her?
8. 20% of Harvard students needing remedial courses to catch up on material not covered in high school.
9. School boards who argue that failing a student lowers their self esteem and therefore should be avoided at all costs.
10. University professors who are given cart blanche to teach conspiracy theory to a captive student audience.
11. More tax breaks for the wealthy.
12. Reality TV shows on the lives of Ozzy Osborne and Gene Simmons. Have we stooped that low?
13. The Muslim community not taking organizations to task (such as Hezbollah and Hamas) that use civilians as human shields.
14. The ongoing US friendship with the 'Enlightened' Saudi Arabia - another beacon of human rights values.
15. A man earning close to 200 million dollars a year for hitting a ball into a hole.
16. The culture of victimhood that has permeated Western Society.
17. Gangsta Rap.
18. The fact that reparations payment for slavery is even being considered.
19. The growth of moral relativism.
20. 'Progressive' Jewish groups marching hand in hand with radicals shouting 'Kill the Jews'.
21. Noam Chomsky and Juan Cole as intellectual icons.
22. Howard Zinn espousing with full seriousness how non-violent resistance would have helped defeat Japan during WWII.
23. Fred Phelps - anti-homosexual nut bar.
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