Wednesday, August 23, 2006

'Lie'beral Party Race in Canada

It hasn't exactly grabbed the public's attention in any significant way but the leadership for the Party of Corruption may yet heat up.

Candidates are:

A.Michael Ignatieff
Pros: Intelligent
Untainted by corruption
Understands US Politics.
Large L Liberal.

Cons: Has been out of the country for 20+ years
May be out of touch with Liebral voting base on War in Iraq
No real experience in Canadian politics
Too much of an Academic perhaps.

B. Stephane Dion
Pros: Solid in Quebec

Cons: From Quebec may alienate West.
An old Chretien croney.
Same old. Same old.

C. Bob Rae
Pros: Intelligent
Good speaker

Cons: Too left
Failed as NDP Premier in Ontario. Why should he succeed in Canada?
Yesterday's man.
History of backtracking. Poor fiscal management.

D. Joe Volpe
Pros: Charismatic

Cons: Dogged by corruption in Campaign.

E. Scott Brison
Pros: Large L Liberal
Realistic and Pragmatic

Cons: Openly gay (doesn't bother me) but the rest of Canada may not want this.
Profile is too low. Not a big name.

F. Ken Dryden
Pros: Has high profile from Hockey career

Cons: Boring.
Sits on the fence.
Too closely associated with Paul Martin.
Bad speaker.

G. Gerard Kennedy
Pros: Experienced. Is a minister with Ontario Provincial government.
Former head of Food Bank (good cause)

Cons: Not known outside Ontario.
Small l liberal.

H. Hedy Fry
Pros: Can't think of any right now. Oh yes she defeated Svend Robinson in her riding race.

Cons: Linked with Old Martin Government.
Famed for stupid statements.

I. Caroline Bennett
Pros: very experienced

Cons: Too closely associated with old Liebrals.
Not much known outside Ontario.
May be too 'nice' for leadership role

J. Martha Hall Findley

An outsider. Nobody really cares about Martha but for her immediate family and backers.

My prediction: Ignatieff over Rae with Dion finishing Third.

Canada can't afford to have another Quebecker as PM. The Trudeau, Mulroney and Chretien years carried with it too much constitutional uncertainty.

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