Friday, August 25, 2006

News of the Day

Why Britain stopped the terror attack
From Frontpage Magazine/Insight Magazine
The Brits appear to be better at dealing with terror. How long will it be before the US finally figures out how it should be done?

The Plot behind the FOX News abductions thickens
Its amazing how little coverage this has received in the mainstream media.

Most Israelis want Olmert out
The Kadima experiment looks to be a failure. Its time for strong leadership again.

Tamil Tigers back in the News
I predict that the Tamils will one day win a homeland in Northern Sri Lanka. Whether it will fail as a state is anyone's guess. A lot will depend on deals with Tamil Nadu populations on the Indian mainland.

Another Idiot world leader: Hugo Chavez of Venezuela
Check out his stupidity here. This guy will try anything to be reported in the news.

Abuse of Filipino workers in Lebanon
Another one that you won't see on CBS.

Jihad alert in the Philippines
More proof that Jihad is a world phenomenon not a reaction to US policy in the Mid East.

France and Italy vie for lead peacekeeper role
Let me get this straight. The main force standing between Hezbollah and Israel will be made up of French troops (remember WWII stand or lack of it against Germany) and Italians(not exactly a fighting nation of note). This does not leave me warm and fuzzy. I guess its better than having troops from Indonesia and Malaysia (both countries have no diplomatic relations with Israel) , but only just.

Disarming Hezbollah put on hold
More signs that Israel will have trouble in the future. Ceasefire status worsens.
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