Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Canada's Top 35 Nudniks

1. Jean Chretien - Corrupt ex-Prime Minister with no moral backbone.
2. Syd Ryan - Media loving radical leader of CUPE.
3. Carolyn Parrish - Ridiculously foolish Anti-American Liberal MP. Born with foot in mouth.
4. Svend Robinson - Former NDP parlimentarian and Jewel thief. Master of the 'Holier than thou',
5. Paul Martin - As the Economist described him - 'Canada's Mr. Dithers'.
6. Judy Rebick - Canadian Feminist and apologist for the anti-establishment left.
7. Haroon Siddiqui - Toronto Star Columnist and advocate of Third World Totalitarian regimes.
8. Eric Margolis - Toronto Sun Columnist and excuser of the excesses of Hamas and Hezbollah
9. The Khadr Family - Canada's 'First family of Terror' see MacLeans Magazine.
10. Naomi Klein - Anti-globalist chamopion unless globalism involves international socialism. Has a 'No-Brain' following amongst radicals world wide.
11. Michelle Landsberg - The Toronto Star's favourite anti-male feminist. Was recently awarded the Order of Canada which proves just how much the country has regressed.
12. Bill Graham - 'Hot Potato in the mouth' interim Liberal Party leader caught up in web of moral relativism just like Paul Martin his former boss.
13. Doug Christie - Champion of the 'poor oppressed' Nazis and Holocaust Deniers in the country.
14. The United Church - Liberal church that bypassed sanity to continue a clerical tradition of Anti-Jewish activism albeit with a leftist spin.
15. Parti Quebecois - Canada's leading fascist party.
16. Linda McQuaig - Journalist who like so many in the country's media establishment has made a career out of xenophobic US bashing while downplaying the negatives of Islamic Terror groups.
17. Jack Layton - NDP leader who like to many suffer from the disease that more taxes and social engineering will fix all.
18. Belinda Stronach - Puppet politician with the strength of character of a wet towel. Her crossing of the floor to become a liberal was an insult to all who voted for her.
19. David Emerson - Similar to Stronach but he went the other way (Liberal to Conservative) for a cabinet post as well.
20. John Clarke - Rabble rowsing leader of sensationalist OCAP movement.
21. Maud Barlow - Another Anti-American who maliciously uses Canadian Nationalism to attack the US. A true opportunist.
22. Rick Salutin - The Globe and Mail's anti-establishment neurotic 'ex-hippie' voice.
23. David Suzuki - Canada's first Windbag of Science.
24. Concordiastan - Canada's university hot bed for anti-Western Radicalism.
25. Canadian Human Rights Commision - The nation's #1 politically correct enforcer.
26. Elsie Wayne - Anti-Gay Conservative ex-MP who spoke her mind but rarely made sense.
27. The Trudeau brothers - Canadian blowhards who seem to be on course to continue their father's trend of turning the nation into a gigantic-sit-on-the fence welfare state (the world already has Sweden for that).
28. Ken Dryden - Canada's most boring politician. Left Hockey to join the policy-by-public-opinion Liberal party.
29. Sheila Copps - Former Liberal party big wig with a shrill voice. Now a 'Voice of Reason' at the Toronto Sun.
30. Bob Rae - Failed Ontario NDP Premier who is seeking a position as the head of the Liberal Party where he can fail on a larger scale.
31. Michael Neumann - Trent Academic. Proof that more degrees doesn't necessarily make you smarter.
32. Welfare and Medical Care Frauds - Enough said.
33. Jens Hanssen - See 31. Except that this whitewasher of terrorist regimes works at a better university (Toronto as opposed to Trent).
34. Self Esteem based Education Curriculum - For dumbing down parts of the high school curriculum as Canada falls further behind in the Maths and Sciences.
35. The Appointed Senate - Money not worth spent.
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