Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Republicans - good and bad positions

These are issues that I believe that the Republicans are correct in supporting.

1. The War on Terrorism
2. The need for a strong US military
3. Freedom of Speech
4. Better management of Public Funding to the Arts
5. Repeal of Affirmative Action Laws
6. The Death Penalty (although it needs to be reformed).
7. Politics out of the class room
8. Strong funding for Space Exploration
9. Strong Penalties for social security abuse
10. Voluntary Prayer in School
11. Back-to-basics education
12. Free Trade
13. School Vouchers
14. Homeland security (more common sense needed here)
15. Strong Family Values - but I believe that the definition for a family should be extended to include non-traditional families. More parental time off for infant care is needed as well.
16. Meritocracy
17. Opposition to to the stupidity of the UN.
18. Better control of Foreign Aid. Human Rights criteria needed.
19. Opposition to any form of Reparations

These are positions that I disagree with the Republicans on

1. Pro-Life stance
2. Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment (I believe Gay Marriage should be legalized)
3. Anti-Pornography Laws
4. Opposition to Gun Control
5. The Environment (more emphasis is needed). Although I am not a fan of Kyoto
6. A reduction in tax breaks for the rich. (We need a more balanced budget)
7. Limits to Stem Cell Research
8. Strong support for the oil industry
9. Restricted Sex Education in school
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