Saturday, August 12, 2006

In the News...

I sat glued to the TV last night following the news of the UN brokered Ceasefire Agreement in Lebanon. It looks like a 'band-aid'. I am not sure if 15,000 United Nations troops are enough, and if the Lebanese government army (being the puppet of Syria that it is) will be able to keep Hezbollah in check for the long run.
Isn't Hezbollah part of the Lebanese government? After all they have two cabinet ministers. What guarantees are there then that Hezbollah won't integrate itself into the Lebanese Army? Only time will tell. I predict fighting to break out within the year with yet another Hezbollah act of aggression that the UN will be 'powerless' to stop as Beirut claims impotency.

The arrests in London of 23 suspects (one was released from the original 24) behind a potential series of Trans-Atlantic plane bombings makes Melanie Philips work Londonistan more of a critical read now then ever. For more go to
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