Friday, August 11, 2006

Indications of Progress

It is common these days for local opponents of Western Civilization to apply relativistic deconstruction to dismiss the concept of progress. This is a hideous attempt at undermining the truly great accomplishments which have allowed the civilization to flourish and provide the comforts of democracy that they themselves partake in.

While I will not ignore the concept of negative progress (a useful oxymoron to be tackled in a later post) I have a list of Twenty Five Positive Progresses that truely indicate that we have indeed moved forward as a species.

Some of these are:

1. Better Medical care overall - a higher degree of professionalism
2. Longer lifespans
3. More access to information - internet, libraries
4. A larger diversity of professions and trades in general
5. Police forces that are more accountable to the public
6. More equalized gender access to education
7. Advanced technology tools to assist the handicap
8. Refrigeration
9. Anaesthetics
10. Antiseptics
11. A better understanding of mental disorders
12. Less of a stigma on divorce
13. Enhanced gay rights
14.Running water
15. Sanitation
16. The existence of childhood and adolescence
17. A larger variety of sports
18. The optimization of processes through computer technology
19. Better bad weather warning systems
20. GPS location
21. Improved inter-city transportation
22. A growing Space Industry
23. Laser Eye Surgery
24. Increased crop yields
25. Gene Therapy
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