Wednesday, August 16, 2006

On Chemistry

Throughout the course of both my Degrees (Biophysics + Zoology) + Chemical Engineering, I have studied more Chemistry than I care to remember.

Eight Areas of Chemistry I like the most

1. Quantum Chemistry
2. Redox Reactions, electrochemistry and balancing by oxidation number.
3. Acid-Base Equilibria problems
4. Application of Le Chatelier’s Laws.
5. Stoichiometry problems.
6. Organic Chemistry compound naming.
7. Gas Problems (both ideal and real).
8. Chemical Kinetics.

Five Areas of Chemistry I like the least

1. Memorizing the different types of Organic Chemistry Reactions.
2. Enthalpy and Entropy Calculations (I am not a thermodynamics fan).
3. Crystallography.
4. Separation processes.
5. Titration labs or most chemistry labs for that matter. I am not a great fan of the chemistry lab myself although I do appreciate its vital necessity.

For my pick on the most important Chemists of all-time go to
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