Sunday, August 20, 2006

Five Types of Anti-Zionist Jews

My research on these particular individuals (many of whom are self-hating others not) indicates that they can be divided into Five Categories.

These are:

1. Ultra-Orthodox Rejectionist Extremists
- Claim to be True Torah Jews but base their positions on out of context Talmudic Tracts.
- Although observant they often have no problem aligning themselves with organizations such as the PLO and Hezbollah who have been responsible for global terrorism aimed at Jews.
- Most prominent are Neturei Karta who recently made headlines in this disgusting display outlined below. Courtesy of Ynet News,7340,L-3291956,00.html

2. 60's radicals and their 'inellectual offspring'
- Often Blend in 60's liberation philosophy, drugs, new age culture and anything goes ad hoc 'touchy feely' philosophy to argue for a new world order in their la-la land image.
- Often (but not always) support the disappearance of the nation state altogether. Nothing like anarchy.
- Oppose Israel as the Jewish State is seen as part of the Establishment. Despite the fact that it is the establishment that allows them to speak openly in the first place.
- Opinions appeal to many in the so-called 'marginalized' communities (some Gay and Lesbian advocacy groups, Radical Feminists, Envirinmentalists) who have made the logical fault of drawing a parallel between their respective struggle and the Arab demand to snuff out the only true democracy in the Middle East.
- Not always self hating just short on realism and intelligence
- Includes many Tikkunites, Several Renewal Rabbis, One sided 'peace' groups, Women in Black and sister groups, and tons of wannabees.

3. Arabists

-Are generally fascinated with the Arab culture and have bought into the substantial amount of Arab propaganda out there.
- Includes Adam Shapiro of the International Solidarity Movement and such Terror apologists as Noah Cohen.
- Often hide behind the banner of human rights advocacy (such as Gideon Levy and Amiras Hass)
- Generally Self-Hating and dangerous as are many converts to an extreme cause.

4. Anti-Semites, Conspiracy Nuts and Garden Variety cranks
- Frequently side with holocaust denial groups.
- Fill the definition of self hating Jews to its fullest.
- Often associate with extreme left and right wing anti-semitic groups.
- Includes Holocaust-manipulator Norman Finkelstein, Neo-Nazi Israel Shamir, Illuminati crank Henry Makow, Loony Musician Gilad Atzmon, the infamous anti-semite Israel Shahak and some of the Jewish dupes who support
- Are so extreme as a whole that many anti-zionist groups have disassociated themselves from these creeps. Now thats saying something.
- Not so much dangerous as pathetic.

5. Communists, Stalinists, International Socialists, Trotskyites and apologists
- Usually but not always hold academic positions (where else) at the University Level - after all very few in the real world are dumb enough to still believe this tripe.
- Often fabricate, distort and take facts out of context to back up philosopy(which is paramount)
- Claim to be 'New Historians' under the false pretense that 'new is always better' (yeah right)
- Many have been discredited but that does not seem to have stopped them - Its amazing what the power of university tenureship carries.
- Useful tools/idiots for Arab Propaganda machine. Lenin would have loved this lot.
- Very Dangerous as their University 'credibility' can often persuade the opinions of the uniformed (especially those lacking critical thinking skills) to take an anti-Israel pro-Terror stance.
- Include Noam Chomsky (can sometimes gravitate to category 4), Simcha Flapan, Baruch Kimmerling, Neve Gordon, Ilan Pappe, Steven Rose, Uri Davis, Teddy Katz, and their loyal followers.

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