Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Quiz #6 - The Brain

From the following clues name the structure

1.Sits at the bottom of the brain. Has cauliflower shape. Thought to control the timing of movement.
2.Outer gray matter. Involved in higher brain functions.
3.Located inside the temporal lobe. Memory and navigation are its key functions.
4.The stalk of the brain. Connects forebrain to cerebral hemispheres. Controls respiration and cardiac rhythms.
5.Brain structures that control emotion. It is one of the oldest parts of the brain.
6.Part of Central nervous system it regulates blood pressure, hunger, thirst and heart rate.
7.Starts with an A. This structure that regulates aggression and fear is part of the brain’s medial temporal lobe.
8.The lower part of the Brain Stem. Controls autonomic functions.
9.Joins two hemispheres of brain.
10.Lobe in cerebrum that is located above occipital lobe and behind frontal lobe. Thought to integrate sensory information from different senses.
11.Type of brain matter associated with information processing.
12.A structure that emerges from a neuron. It is not the dendrite.


2.Cerebral cortex.
4.Brain Stem.
5.Limbic System.
8.Medulla oblongata.
9.Corpus callosum.
10.Parietal lobe.
11.Grey matter. White matter is associated with information transmission.
12.Axon – conducts electrical impulses from neuron.
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