Thursday, August 10, 2006

IQ Tests and all that

There are an abundance of IQ tests floating around the web. Since the majority of these tests are not well standardized, nor supervised, I wouldn't place much faith in them. For a proper evaluation of one's intelligence quotient I would recommend having a psychologist administer either of the Weschler Test (WAIS-III or WAIS-IV, WISC for children) or the Stanford Binet Test.

For more on Weschler go to

For more on Stanford Binet go to

Nevetheless here are five sites that are worth looking into with respect to IQ. I would still take some of the info here with a bit of a grain of salt (for want of a cliche).

- Contains links to the various High IQ societies.
- Has a variety of Tests designed to test those with exceptionally high IQs (Top 2% and above)
- Has various articles on SAT vs IQ norming, the IQ of Nazi War Criminals, the intelligence of Dogs etc
- also has a history of high IQ societies.
-Not as well maintained now as it once was though (Caution)

- Great thought experiment on the IQs of Famous People
- Also contains program to standardize different test scores

- A site with many puzzles and IQ tests

- Another site with info on the testing of IQs.
- Has a chart comparing the IQs of various European Countries
- Contains info on Flynn Factor which allows one to compare IQ scores across various generations

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