Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New Job Titles in PC South Africa

Here are some new Politically Correct job titles in South Africa (my place of birth).

As per Charles Clayton

This was sent to me by Charles Clayton at
Gardener : Landscape Executive and Animal Nutritionist
House Maid : Family Environs Upkeep Manager
Receptionist : Front Office Manager/Office Access Control
SpecialistTypist : Printed Document Handler
Messenger : Business Communications Conveyer
Window Cleaner : Transparent Wall Technician
Temporary Teacher : Associate Tutor
Tea Boy : Refreshment Overseer
Garbage Collector : Public Sanitation Technician
Watchman : Theft Prevention and Surveillance Officer
Prostitute : Practical Sexual Relations Officer
Thief : Wealth Distribution Officer
Driver : Automobile Propulsion Specialist
Maid : Domestic Operations Specialist
Employee without Portfolio : Administration Manager
Cook : Food Preparation Officer
Unemployed : Township Management
Gossiping : Research Management
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