Friday, September 29, 2006

In the News IX

Pakistan needs to get serious about al-Qaeda
Musharraf's failure to do so is what is fueling Taliban strength in Afghanistan

Dems may gain ground in House and Senate but not enough to oust Republicans on either front.,2933,216263,00.html

Debt and Deficit may bury Gordon Brown

Had a chuckle about the dead person scandal that has been dogging Liberals
My question: How can they tell the difference between dead or alive Liberal voters?

If Bob Rae is elected Liberal head then there is more proof that the Party lacks imagination

Saturday, September 23, 2006

In the News VIII

First saw this linked to Dissecting Leftism. Its worth reading. An article from Global Politician on Communism and Islamic Terror
(From Global Politician)

What Hezbollah really wants? The destruction of Israel. A message to all misguided 'peaceniks'

Palestinians miss the opportunity again
This is hardly suprising but at least Hamas is consistent.,1,2375348.story?coll=chi-newsnationworld-hed&ctrack=1&cset=true

President 'Shove it' is at at it again.
The Venezuelan leader should look at his own dismal human rights records and national problems before opening his mouth.
But then again that would be too logical.

Violence increases in Darfur as Arab Federation does nothing
200,000 people have been killed here since (mostly Black Muslims) . 2.5 million displaced. But why is Black America and the Muslim world so silent? Where are the Anti-Apartheid Type boycotts and protests of the 80's.,,-6099828,00.html

Footer Today

Liverpool capped a great week defeating Newcastle 2-0 on Wednesday night, through a Dirk Kuyt strike and a Xabi Alonso 65 yard effort, by defeating Spurs 3-0 at Anfield today. The first half was played tentatively but after the break the big red machine came into itself destroying the North Londoners with goals from Mark Gonzalez, Kuyt and a John Arne Riise long range punch that Paul Robinson could never ever dream of stopping. The win pushes Liverpool into 6th spot in the league.

Other results:

Reading 1 Man U 1 - The Royals were lucky to be awarded a penalty. United had more than enough chances to win this one.

Arsenal 3 Sheffield United 0 - Good times for Gunners look to be back again after confidence boost at Old Trafford last Sunday.

Fulham 0 Chelsea 2 - Lampard brace seals this one for the Blues. Chelsea lead league but Pompey have a game in hand.

Villa 2 Charlton 0 - My dad feels that the Addicks may go down this year. he could be correct.

Man City 2 West Ham 0 - Pressure is off Pierce for now. Hammers continue to battle.

Wigan 1 Watford 1 - Good away point for the Hornets

Boro 0 Blackburn 1 - Rovers move up table. Teesiders near the abyss.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

In the News VII

Democracy comes crashing down in Thailand
Another sad day for the popular voice.....I hope new leadership doesn't align themselves with
global radicals.

Maher Arar falsely Accused
Canadian Intelligence erred.. fine...but why is nobody criticizing that bastion of human rights Syria (they are the ones carrying out the torture in the first place).

Dennis Prager takes Howard Zinn to the cleaners
Loved it when Prager ties Zinn into knots over the Bush-Zarqawi moral equivalence.

A promising sign in Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue
Question Though: Is the Abbas/Hamas coalition serious about stopping terrorist attacks against Israel or is this more smokescreen?

Lamont Calls Lieberman a turncoat
Looks as though the Anti-War Dems are in panic mode. More name calling.....

More stupid rhetoric by Thabo Mbeki
SA President falls into blame game trap instead of seeking a workable solution. Reminds me of his conspiracy-based HIV policy (or lack of).

Sunday, September 17, 2006

In the News VI

Hezbollah tells the UN what to do
Another sign that the ceasefire agreement might not last very long

Tough talking journalist dies,0,1665127.story?coll=bal-nationworld-headlines
Lets face it Oriana Fallaci was no Larry King. Thats a compliment.

Hugo Chavez continues his walk off the deep end
Chavez has taken over the international tough guy wannabee once held by Muammar al-Gaddafi. Gaddafi though was more intelligent.

More from the Nanny state
I had a chuckle at this one....

The UN - a watchdog for Corruption - NOT

It doesn't take much to get the Muslim world angry
Still waiting to see how much unecessary apologizing the Pope will do. Somebdy needs to introduce a critical thinking program to the Muslim world.

Clash of Civilizations rears its head again

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The War in Iraq

It should be clear to all what the War in Iraq has become - A battleground power struggle for domination of the Islamic World.

On one side are the Sunni indirectly and directly represented by former Baathists, Al-Quaeda, the Iraqi Accordance Front and co. On the other side are the Shi'ites championed by Iran, their Allies in the so-called US backed government and Aziz al-Hakim of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq. A 'great' combo.

In short Iraq has levels of complexity which would drive the most sane over the edge (although isn't that so of most of the politics of the Middle East?).

Which makes me wonder what the US is trying to achieve there? Sadaam is out. Great!!!But building a democracy in Iraq is unachievable (the society hasn't even made it through to the enlightenment never mind grasping the foundations of liberalism). Both Sunni and Sh'ite are opposed to the American presence (whether they admit it or not) and as it stands right now it looks as though the US is doing the dirty work for a government that is buddy-buddy with Iran's mullahs (the biggest menace in the region).

The US should declare their goals met and leave. American deaths in this conflict are not worth it. If the Saudis and Kuwaitis are worried about an enemy presence on their front lines let them deal with it themselves. Why should American lives be sacrificed to ensure that the Saudis (who are also no friend of the US) are secure? Let them fight their own battles.

As for the oil. It will still flow. It may come in at a higher price but in a way that may be a blessing in disguise as it may stimulate the drive for alternative fuel (a venture that becomes more economocally feasible at higher oil prices). We should not be involved in a war for the benefits of the oil companies. Their agenda has often been contrary to the best concerns of the American People (besides cozying up to Fascist dictators in the Middle East, the Oil companies have also had strong relations in the past with such champions of human rights as the Nazi Regime).

My soultion. Withdraw and let the two Muslim Factions duke it out. Yes they will hate us but then they hate us anyway. The money saved can be re-directed into the War against Terror - the true fight - Protecting the homeland, forcing Iran to backdown on the Nuclear issue and pressuring and defeating the Fundamentalists internationally through more usefully directed covert actions.

English Footer Recap

I went to the Thornhill Village Fair this morning with the family and had an enjoyable time which is more than I can say for all those poor souls who sat through this mornings trilogy of games

Charlton v Portsmouth - Pompey won 1-0
Bolton v Boro - Zeroes
Watford v Villa - More Zeroes.

Nevertheless its Sunday's games that matter. Liverpool are away to Chelsea at the Bridge and almost every pundit has the Blues winning this one. I sheepishly have to agree with this one but my heart says that the Reds may be onto a pick-me up and may salvage a draw. I would love to see Dirk Kuyt score but depending on who he pairs up with chances may be minimal. Benitez has turned into the tinkerman and this worries me. Its stability that leads to performance and right now the 's' word is not in the Spaniard's vocabulary..

I would love to see Arsenal put one over the Scum tomorrow but again I am not holding my breath. Rooney is a Gunner killer and Wenger's boys mess around too much with the ball to make use of the few opportunities that will be available at the theatre.

On the god news front it was great to see the Toffees drop points at home (2-2 to Wigan). Don't want them getting a swollen head.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

In the News V

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Spirals further into the Sewer
And to think that my Tax Dollars go to support these clowns.

Lebanese PM discovers his backbone
.....for now anyway.

Has Mahmoud Abbas woken up or is this more rhetoric for the Western Media?,7340,L-3304144,00.html
Still not sure if Abbas-Hamas alliance is good cop-bad cop or just bad cop x 2?

Hugo Chavez has been sniffing that Venezuelan oil too long?,20867,20403689-1702,00.html
He reminds me of someone's bratty little kid brother spoling for a good whallop.

Its sad what the press considers a 'moderate ' these days?
Khatami merely spins a 'good face' on an Iranian regime that is rotten to the core. Once again the pseudo-intellectuals in the press fall for this.

My Education at Pretoria Boys High School

The High School that I attended in South Africa (between the years 1983-1986) has a website.
The school is located in Pretoria and is (and was) known for its strong academic and sports focus.

Pleasant Memories include:

1. The Friends I made (isn't that true of so many experiences in life?)
2. The School Wide Cross Country Run (always a hoot for the non-competitive).
3. History lessons with Roy Hoggan and Carol Turton. Best teachers I ever had.
4. David Wylde (an Oxford Don) dissecting Hamlet. Another wonderful teacher.
5. The School's open air production of Hamlet - (The Main building was well represented as Castle Elsinor).
6. Winning the School Wide General Knowledge competition and then placing 4th in the Nationwide Championships.
7. Table Tennis and Philosophical discussions at Lunch
8. Representing the School in an environmental research Competition.
9. The Final Graduation Dance.
10. Discovering a love for science in Ms. Skinner's Grade 10 Physics course. Up until then I was indifferent to the subject.
11. The School Tuck Shop
12. I didn't mind the Assemblies - We had one per day and they usually started and ended on a positive note. Being Jewish and having to listen to Christian School Prayer didn't bother me either. I was never forced to participate in any religious instruction.
13. Winning Academic Colours on a few occasions.

Unplesasant Memories

1. The high level of Anti-Semitism and Racism in the School (amongst students and some Staff).
2. Dealing with Bullies.
3. Consistently poor Math teachers for the most part. I excelled at the subject despite them.
4. Being Forced to do vaults in Gym.
5. Caning (I must have been caned close to fifty times).
6. No girls at the School - A downer. Indirectly fostered cult of masculinity.
7. The over emphasis on Rugby as the Sport of All-Sports
8. Fascist based hair cut requirements.
9. Military Cadet marches.
10. Poor English teachers from Grades 9-11 who weren't interested for the most part in showing one how to write an essay - Another skill that I finally learnt on my own and improved on in David Wylde's Grade 12 Course.
11. Having to study Afrikaans - a dreadful language.
12. Shooting - I was a lousy marksman.

Monday, September 11, 2006

On September 11th 2006

My deepest sympathies go out to all those who lost innocent loved ones in the treacherous terrorist attacks of the 11th of September 2001.

NDP wants out of Afghanistan
- So I guess that Canada's no brain socialists are comfortable with leaving the Afgan people to the fate of the Taliban. I always thought the NDP cared about the plight of women worldwide? Clearly this is not the case.

'Harper cozying up to Bush argument' misses the point

I am growing tired of those commentators who criticize Stephen Harper for taking a stance against such terrorist groups as Hezbollah and Al Qaeda. One does not have to be a friend of George Bush or even motivated by a closeness to the US (as Harper is often accused) to realize that Islamic Fundamentalism and the terrorism espoused and undertaken by many of its loyalist followers is inherently evil and must be stopped. This is an outcome of a logical understanding of world issues. How long will it take these critics to realize that Fundamentalist Islam detests the West and wants it vanquished? Being Mr. Nice Guy won't help. End of Story.

Al-Qaeda vents at the UN, US, Israel and sanity
Just a reminder in case we forget.

Battle for Supremacy in the Muslim World
Shi'ite vs Sunni Fundamentalists
They do have one commonality though - a hatred of the West.
Pity the Ivory Tower intellectuals at Harvard can't see this.
Score one for the PR team of Iran.

A Ray of Hope - London Muslim leader honoured

Is David Cameron the next Neville Chaimberlain?
Remember when the Tories had such leaders as Winston Churchill and Maggie Thatcher. Looks like that ship has sailed some time ago.

Some Childishness from Jacques Chirac
Dug this one up. It is Chirac to a tee. Hehe...,,13509-2101032,00.html

Some advice from Ontario's One Time Primary Tax and Spender

More signs that Jack Layton was dropped on his head as a child
War on Terror - Pet Project?????

Sunday, September 10, 2006

What I like about teaching

1. The challenge of helping students understand an important but not always easy to understand concept. The 'Eureka' moment is spectacular.
2. The sense of community of the school setting.
3. The continous movement inherent in the mechanics of the work - I like being active.
4. The Students (for the most part anyway). Many of them have great insight.
5. Philosophical conversations with other teachers.
6. Teaching and being immersed in a subject you love - for me this is physics and history (I am very fortunate here).
7. Critical thinking brainstorming sessions with the students.
8. Ample Vacation time (being honest)
9. The personal growth as a human being that true teaching encourages.
10. The sense of contribution to the human spirit that I have not found in any other line of work that I have been involved in.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Footer Fiasco

I woke up early this morning to see Liverpool blow it against the Toffees. The sad comment about the match was the Reds dominated both the midfield and attack. But it's goals that count and Everton had three to Liverpool's zero. While flattering to the Blues they deserved to win in that they took their chances.
Player synopsis reads as follows:

Pepe Reina - Had a disasterous game. Was beaten at the near post by Andy Johnson and then gave up the third goal in what looked like a scene from a bloopers video. 4/10.

Steve Finnan - Was out of position for Goal #1 allowing Tim Cahill to score from an unmarked position. 5/10

Sami Hyppia - Struggled to deal with Johnson's pace. Slowness could be a growing concern this season. 5/10

Jamie Carragher - Also looked slugglish (although with fairness Carra is returning from injuring). Was at fault for Goal #2. 4/10

Fabio Aurelio. Still not sold on thisd guy. Is better at LW than LB. 5/10.

Momo Sissoko - Did well in Midfield 7/10.

Steve Gerrard - Hit woodwork twice. Lead by example but played out of position 8/10.

Luis Garcia - Very poor, lacked touch. 4/10

Xabi Alonso - Not playing to potential 5/10.

Robbie Fowler - Slow and ineffective. Should not have started. 5/10

Peter Crouch - Needed a faster moving partner. 6/10.

Dirk Kuyt - Had a solid game. Could have scored 8/10.

Jan Arne Riise - Injured again. 5/10. At least its not a break.

Jermaine Penant - Not on long enough to be effective.

Rafa Benitez - Terrible team selection. Fowler and Crouch up front removed the speed factor from Liverpool's attack. Alonso should have been dropped. Despite having a midweek game against PSV this coming week, one of Penant, Bellamy or Kuyt should have started. Everton are not a stroll in the park. Defence is looking woeful as well. Why is Pauleta not playing or Agger? Aurelio is not a LB. 4/10

Other results

Man U 1 Spurs 0 - United play badly but win. May be their season.
Chelsea 2 Charlton 1 - At least someone is keeping the pressure on United.
Arsenal 1 Boro 1 - Gunners still without a win this season.
Fulham 2 Newcastle 1 - Toons in a slump.
Portsmouth 1 Wigan 0 - Pompey in Europe next season? It looks that way.
Bolton 1 Watford 0 - Another nail in the coffin for Vicerage Road outfit.
Sheffield United 0 Blackburn 0 - Yawn.....

In the News IV

Anti-Semitism amongst Muslim Europeans
Trend is especially disturbing especially the belief (as outlinedin the article) that 37% of British Muslims believe that Jews in the UK are a legitimate target as a result of issues in the Middle East.

Iran's Ahmadinejad to meet Venezuela's Chavez,00050001.htm
The Unholy Alliance Starts to take shape

More criticism of Chavez - the new darling of the Left
I wonder how long it will take the left to realize that Chavez is not the good guy they believe him to be? Probably never. Look at Castro ad the die-hard apologists for Stalin, Mao and Lenin.

The Cult of Che Guevera - Pro-Soviet figure - who ultimately bought disaster to Cuba
Dug this up while perusing the net. More reasons not to be caught dead in a Che T-shirt.

Hypocrite Watch: Ned Lamont
Not really a surprise here.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thoughts on a Challenge

I have taught for four years at a Private School in the Greater Toronto Area and have thoroughly immersed myself in a variety of different courses. These included:
Physics (Both Grades 11 and 12 - My speciality).
Biology (Grade 11)
Chemistry (Grade 11)
Philosophy (Grade 12)
General Sciences (Grades 9 and 12)
Ancient History (Grade 11)

In addition I have tutored Math 10, 11 and 12 (both Calculus and Algebra) as well as Chemistry and Biology 12. Hence in true form I have lived up to my ideal as a generalist (as much as possible). Having said all this I still lacked one essential ingredient - a Teaching Certificate that would allow me to teach beyond the Private School System. For this reason I have chosen to take a year long sabbatical from my Private School Teaching to earn the B.Ed qualification at an Ontario University.
My colleagues at the Private School warned me to not expect much. Often telling me how bored I would be in class. So far I have found the program somewhat to the contrary. My instructers are very informative, with strong real world experience and my practical experience at a Public School has shown me several techniques that I can use in both improving my content delivery and classroom management skills. In addition the quality of people that I have met in the Program have been first rate and my experience so far (although it is still early days) is certainly encouraging. In fact I look forward to each day of learning and teaching (the two aren't that different).

Now my impression so far might be a realization as well of the positive attitude that I have sought personally to engender but right now I am taking each task as a new opportunity, tackling hurdles with a zeal and putting as the Brits would say 'my best foot forward'. I believe that in life you receive that which you are willing to give out. You create your own happiness.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

In the News III

The Problem with Human Rights Watch aka (Hypocrisy Forum)
Interesting points here on the biased nature of the Human Rights Watch Report.

The Congo:
More People are killed here in a day than who died in the entire Israel-Hezbollah War. Why then does nobody seem to care? Where is the Hypocrisy Forum?

Conservatives lead Labour in the Polls
My only fear is that Labour will ditch Blair and lean left to pick up Lib-Dem voters. This will signal a return to the Politics of the 80s. Not sure I trust Gordon Brown in the War against Terror.

South Africa: The Zuma Trial
If Zuma falls will the ANC divide as well?
Zuma's supporters could join forces with Inkatha (both Zulu).
These are not easy days for Mebeki. His reactionary poilicy on AIDS is under more criticism now than ever (and rightfully so).

The Mexican Elections
It seems that no election in Mexico ever goes smoothly. When Carlos Salinas took power in 1988 he too faced charges of winning through a rigged elections.

France 3 Italy 1
French finally have something to cheer about.,,30849-2346799,00.html

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Time Magazines Readership - Lost in Translation

I have to wonder as to what type of people read TIME magazine these days.

Here are the Top 5 Reader's picks of the People who influence the world.

1. Stephen Colbert- Yes at times he can be funny but influencing the world? How narrow is this world?

2. Ellen DeGeneres - Give me a break.

3. Dane Cook - We really are amusing ourselves to death

4. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - Only one I might agree with

5. Will Smith - I rest my case.

Why don't they rename TIME - The New PEOPLE Magazine. It seems that they have the same readership. (Which is really sad as PEOPLE was spun off TIME originally to cater to an Entertainment focused audience. It seems that they shouldn't have bothered).

Monday, September 04, 2006

40 Ways that the Left has screwed up the World

1. Failed Socialist programs in Africa especially Tanzania - Under Julius Nyrere
2. Stalinist Purges and Forced famines
3. The Gulag system in the Soviet Union
4. Suppression of Human Rights in East Bloc
5. Farm Annexations in Zimbabwe - Beginning of an age of Poverty
6. Liberation before Education Policy - South Africa - Culture of Violence
7. Ignoring Union Corruption
8. Clamping down of Free Speech in University
9. Sixties Radicalism and the Birth of the Slacker Culture and mediocrity
10. Supression of the legitimate criticism of the gay community by outsiders as homophobic
11. Glorifying the dictator and Human rights abuser Fidel Castro
12. Fall of Philosophical Standards bought on by Deconstructionist Theory
13. Tolerance to welfare corruption
14. Culture of Entitlement
15. Assisting the Mullahs to seize power in Iran
16. Justifying the attrocities of Sadaam Hussein and Hafez Assad in the Middle East
17. Promoting friction between different groups by supporting unjust Affirmative Action Programs that only serve to keep racism alive.
18. Radical Feminism's war against the Male gender
19. Support for the dumbing down of education programs at the School Level
20. Promoting a culture of emotion over logic
21. Supporting and excusing Khymer Rouge behaviour in Cambodia.
22. Restricting economic growth by supporting high taxes.
23. Paying lip service (and in many cases supporting) to terrorist groups like the IRA, Hezbollah, Red Army, Action Direct, Baader Meinhof Gang and Hamas.
24. Turning a blind eye to Islamic Terrorism
25. Restricting discourse through the use of PC language.
26. Promoting ill-thought out environmental packages such as Kyoto for political rather than practical gain.
27. Encouraging a convenient global criticism of the United States while ignoring the world's many dictatorships who abuse human rights.
28. Advocating Moral Relativism.
29. For Lieing to the populace in claiming to support Cultural diversity - when in reality championing a classless social structure with very little diversity.
30. Weakening the Effectiveness of the War against Terror by using the cloak of 'Human Rights Violations' as a stopper.
31. Turning the University campuses into breeding grounds for radicalism and intolerance.
32. Encouraging litigation based on frivilous consumer rights initiatives.
33. Playing the race game in the Katrina Disaster for political gains.
34. Turning a blind eye to hate movements and racists in its own ranks provided they espouse the same Anti-Judeo-Christian views.
35. Promoting along with the extreme right a culture of conspiracy thinking that it is baseless.
36. Overemphasizing the 'poverty breeds violence myth' that shortcircuits all rational treatment of a specific crisis.
37. Not standing up against the inherent evil of Late Term Abortion.
38. Polluting the environment - The East Bloc Countries were notorious for this.
39. Ignoring the reactionary programs of nationalizing industries that serve to benefit the elite few while notoriously discouraging investment.
40. The Cultural Revolution in China.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

New Scientist Update II

From the July 8th and 19th August Issues

July 8th

- It seems possible to 'pinch' off a second universe in a physics lab like setting. Personally I think this is complete nonsense but not according to NS.

- The universe apparently has a density of 10E-25 kg/cubic meter. Using these number scientists determined that the mass of the universe is much less than expected.

- A scientist discovers the mystery behind magic sand.

- Liked this one- since I am enthralled with extra-dimensions.
- Artificial sun may reveal extra dimensions

- This article on the Quantum weirdness of Graphene makes this issue worth buying.

- Potential Dam failure in Brazil

August 19th

- Mount Etna could blow

- Taxing obesity
- Not very PC but it may work

- The Temperature for Superconductors to work seems to have a very high end.
- Perhaps 450K.

- Interesting Stats from New Scientist (by the number).

26 kg - Number of kgs of ultra-rich uranium needed to build bomb.
18 nuclear smuggling attempts documented between 1993 and 2004
30,000 - Estimated number of Nuclear warheads worldwide

My 25 Favourite Living Brits

1. Paul Johnson - Historian and Philosopher.
2. Steve Gerrard - Soccer Star - Liverpool midfielder.
3. Martin Gilbert - Historian. Great work on the Holocaust, WWII and Churchill.
4. Darren Clarke - N. Ireland Golfer.
5. Richard Branson - Entrepeneur.
6. Melanie Philips - Journalist
7. Margaret Thatcher - Former Prime Minister
8. Patrick Moore - Astronomer
9. Roger Penrose - Physicist
10. Clive Owen - Actor
11. Guy Ritchie - Filmaker
12. John Barrow - Physicist
13. Hugh Laurie - Actor - plays 'House'
14. Michael Palin - Comedian and World Traveller
15. Clive Barker - Horror writer
16. John Cleese - Comedian + writer
17. Anthony Hopkins - Actor
18. Bill Bryson - Writer
19. Tim Berners-Lee - Father of World Wide Web
20. Neil Gaiman - Comic Book Writer
21. Simon Singh - Popular Science Writer.
22. Robert Carlisle - Actor: Full Monty
23. Simon Schama - History Filmaker
24. Sebastian Coe - Former athlete and politician
25. Terry Jones - Comedian, Historian, Filmaker

20 Canadians I most respect

Not in any order of Importance

1. Vicki Keith - Ultra Marathon Swimmer. Charity fundraiser.
2. Romeo Dallaire - Former head of UN troops in Rwanda. Author of 'Shake Hands with the Devil'.
3. Roberto Bondar - Scientist, First Canadian woman in space.
4. Alan Borovoy - Head of Canadian Civil Liberties Association. Free Speech advocate.
5. Lewis MacKenzie - United Nation's peacekeeping General. Well known for tour in Bosnia.
6. Mark Steyn - Canadian rationalist Journalist.
7. Tak Mak - Medical Immunology Researcher.
8. Irshad Manji - Writer opposed to Islamic Extremitism.
9. Paul Godfrey - Head of Blue Jays organization. Helped bring Jays to Toronto in the first place.
10. Dennis Mills - Go-getting former Liberal MP. Organized SARS benefit concert.
11. David Frum - Canadian Journalist and former Presidential speechwriter.
12. Leslie Dan - Generic Pharmaceutical drug entrepeneur and Philanthropist.
13. Gerry Dobson - CTV Soccer Sportsnet Host. Strong champion of the game in Canada.
14. David Cronenberg- Canadian Filmaker.
15. Ezra Levant - Lawyer. Publisher of the Western Standard.
16. Lap-chee Tsui - Genetics Reseracher- Sick Kids.
17. Robert Lantos - Filmaker
18. George Jonas - Canadian Journalist and Novelist.
19. Mike Weir - Golfer. Winner of Masters in 2003.
20. Atom Egoyan - Filmaker

Saturday, September 02, 2006

In the News II

Another Terror Raid
I wonder how many raids there has to be before the left takes Terrorism seriously?

Remember Beslan - 333 Dead,2933,211801,00.html
Just a reminder of how widespread the Islamic terror threat has been. Its not just a US problem. Vladmir Putin should visit Beslan again before he decides to sell arms to Iran.

Sri Lankan Navy hits Tamil Tigers
I just hope that this conflict does not spread to the Indian sub-continent.

Trouble for Liberal Air America Network
Its always 'fun' when the radicals come out to play. Is the Left revealing its true colours?

Friday, September 01, 2006

Moves in English Footer

Ahmed Mido - To Spurs from AS Roma - Not sure why Spurs need him with Berbatov, Defoe and Keane on board - but the Londoners were clearly impressed with the Egyptian's markmanship last season. Attitude is still iffy.

Jan Krompkamp - Liverpool to PSV Eindoven - A financial move for a player who has not really impressed but the Reds are a bit thin at RB now.

Andy Cole - Man City to Portsmouth - A worthwhile pickup for Pompey. This is Cole's fifth EPL club after Newcastle, Man U, Blackburn and Man City.

Pascal Chimbonda - Wigan to Spurs - Excactly what the doctor ordered.

Ashley Cole - Arsenal to Chelsea - was inevitable. I pity Wayne Bridge right now.

William Gallas - Chelsea to Arsenal - Should bolster thin Gunners defence. Only regular Englishman at Emirates right now looks to be Theo Walcott. I predicted this one.

Robert Huth - Chelsea to Boro - Everyone is a winner here especially Huth - regular playing time.

Pascal Cygan - Arsenal to Villareal - The Frenchman was just not EPL material.

Julio Baptista - Real Madrid to Arsenal - Speak to me in 6 months.]

Carlos Tevez - Corinthians to West Ham - Tevez was one of the best players in the World Cup. Excellent acquisition by the Hammers.

Kevin Philips - Aston Villa to WEst Brom - I picked Philips in a Footer Pool so this doesn't make me happy.

Jean-Alain Boumsong - Newcastle to Juve - JAB will probably find Serie B more to his liking then fast pace EPL.

Nicholas Anelka - Fenerbache to Bolton - This is Anelka's 4th Premiwer League Club. My prediction is that he will be great for a year than have a massive fallout with Allardyce.

Andre Ooijer - PSV to Rovers - Dutchman will help bring stability to Rover's defence.

Stilian Petrov - Celtic to Aston Villa - Its about time the Bulgarian showed his worth in a real league.

Marcus Stewart - Bristol City to Yeovil - Remember when Stewart was one of the top scorers in EPL?

Paul Ince - Free to Swindon - The Guvernor is still playing?

Giuseppe Rossi - Man U to Newcastle on Loan - Right now the Toons will take anybody up front.

Jason Euell - Charlton to Boro - The Jamaican International may add spice to inconsistent Boro attack.

David James - Man City to Pompey - I guess its a step up for Pompey. Goalkeeper problems dogged them all season in 2005/2006.

Some Reads

On Jews who hate the Jewish State
I am waiting for a definitive book on this subject to be published. It looks like that there may be one on the horizon.

Elections in the Congo
I am not sure whether Joseph Kabila is an agent for improvement but he has to be better than Mobutu or Lumumba.

British Labour Party has internal troubles,,2-2338759,00.html
It loks like Labour Party is threatening to implode in the UK. However I am not sure whether Cameron's Tory's are that much better. If anything Blair has carried the Thatcher Mantra better than the Tory leadership.

The Future of US Politics: The Immigrant vote in the burbs
My thoughts: Short Term - Democrat gain
Long Term - Republican advantage

George Galloway out to lunch again
Once again Britain's maverick MP shows why he is a terrorist's best friend and a waste of valuable oxygen. Syria - moderate, progresseive - Yeah right. Which part of dictatorship can Galloway not understand?

Stockhom Syndrome for Fox Reporter?
I don't believe its Stockholm Syndrome. Centanni was a Palestinian sympathizer to begin with.

Hugo Chavez - Anti-Semite or Castro wannabee?
You be the judge. In a way I regret going to Venezuela on my honeymoon. Still I enjoyed it.