Wednesday, September 06, 2006

In the News III

The Problem with Human Rights Watch aka (Hypocrisy Forum)
Interesting points here on the biased nature of the Human Rights Watch Report.

The Congo:
More People are killed here in a day than who died in the entire Israel-Hezbollah War. Why then does nobody seem to care? Where is the Hypocrisy Forum?

Conservatives lead Labour in the Polls
My only fear is that Labour will ditch Blair and lean left to pick up Lib-Dem voters. This will signal a return to the Politics of the 80s. Not sure I trust Gordon Brown in the War against Terror.

South Africa: The Zuma Trial
If Zuma falls will the ANC divide as well?
Zuma's supporters could join forces with Inkatha (both Zulu).
These are not easy days for Mebeki. His reactionary poilicy on AIDS is under more criticism now than ever (and rightfully so).

The Mexican Elections
It seems that no election in Mexico ever goes smoothly. When Carlos Salinas took power in 1988 he too faced charges of winning through a rigged elections.

France 3 Italy 1
French finally have something to cheer about.,,30849-2346799,00.html
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