Sunday, September 10, 2006

What I like about teaching

1. The challenge of helping students understand an important but not always easy to understand concept. The 'Eureka' moment is spectacular.
2. The sense of community of the school setting.
3. The continous movement inherent in the mechanics of the work - I like being active.
4. The Students (for the most part anyway). Many of them have great insight.
5. Philosophical conversations with other teachers.
6. Teaching and being immersed in a subject you love - for me this is physics and history (I am very fortunate here).
7. Critical thinking brainstorming sessions with the students.
8. Ample Vacation time (being honest)
9. The personal growth as a human being that true teaching encourages.
10. The sense of contribution to the human spirit that I have not found in any other line of work that I have been involved in.
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