Saturday, September 16, 2006

The War in Iraq

It should be clear to all what the War in Iraq has become - A battleground power struggle for domination of the Islamic World.

On one side are the Sunni indirectly and directly represented by former Baathists, Al-Quaeda, the Iraqi Accordance Front and co. On the other side are the Shi'ites championed by Iran, their Allies in the so-called US backed government and Aziz al-Hakim of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq. A 'great' combo.

In short Iraq has levels of complexity which would drive the most sane over the edge (although isn't that so of most of the politics of the Middle East?).

Which makes me wonder what the US is trying to achieve there? Sadaam is out. Great!!!But building a democracy in Iraq is unachievable (the society hasn't even made it through to the enlightenment never mind grasping the foundations of liberalism). Both Sunni and Sh'ite are opposed to the American presence (whether they admit it or not) and as it stands right now it looks as though the US is doing the dirty work for a government that is buddy-buddy with Iran's mullahs (the biggest menace in the region).

The US should declare their goals met and leave. American deaths in this conflict are not worth it. If the Saudis and Kuwaitis are worried about an enemy presence on their front lines let them deal with it themselves. Why should American lives be sacrificed to ensure that the Saudis (who are also no friend of the US) are secure? Let them fight their own battles.

As for the oil. It will still flow. It may come in at a higher price but in a way that may be a blessing in disguise as it may stimulate the drive for alternative fuel (a venture that becomes more economocally feasible at higher oil prices). We should not be involved in a war for the benefits of the oil companies. Their agenda has often been contrary to the best concerns of the American People (besides cozying up to Fascist dictators in the Middle East, the Oil companies have also had strong relations in the past with such champions of human rights as the Nazi Regime).

My soultion. Withdraw and let the two Muslim Factions duke it out. Yes they will hate us but then they hate us anyway. The money saved can be re-directed into the War against Terror - the true fight - Protecting the homeland, forcing Iran to backdown on the Nuclear issue and pressuring and defeating the Fundamentalists internationally through more usefully directed covert actions.
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