Friday, September 01, 2006

Some Reads

On Jews who hate the Jewish State
I am waiting for a definitive book on this subject to be published. It looks like that there may be one on the horizon.

Elections in the Congo
I am not sure whether Joseph Kabila is an agent for improvement but he has to be better than Mobutu or Lumumba.

British Labour Party has internal troubles,,2-2338759,00.html
It loks like Labour Party is threatening to implode in the UK. However I am not sure whether Cameron's Tory's are that much better. If anything Blair has carried the Thatcher Mantra better than the Tory leadership.

The Future of US Politics: The Immigrant vote in the burbs
My thoughts: Short Term - Democrat gain
Long Term - Republican advantage

George Galloway out to lunch again
Once again Britain's maverick MP shows why he is a terrorist's best friend and a waste of valuable oxygen. Syria - moderate, progresseive - Yeah right. Which part of dictatorship can Galloway not understand?

Stockhom Syndrome for Fox Reporter?
I don't believe its Stockholm Syndrome. Centanni was a Palestinian sympathizer to begin with.

Hugo Chavez - Anti-Semite or Castro wannabee?
You be the judge. In a way I regret going to Venezuela on my honeymoon. Still I enjoyed it.

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