Monday, September 04, 2006

40 Ways that the Left has screwed up the World

1. Failed Socialist programs in Africa especially Tanzania - Under Julius Nyrere
2. Stalinist Purges and Forced famines
3. The Gulag system in the Soviet Union
4. Suppression of Human Rights in East Bloc
5. Farm Annexations in Zimbabwe - Beginning of an age of Poverty
6. Liberation before Education Policy - South Africa - Culture of Violence
7. Ignoring Union Corruption
8. Clamping down of Free Speech in University
9. Sixties Radicalism and the Birth of the Slacker Culture and mediocrity
10. Supression of the legitimate criticism of the gay community by outsiders as homophobic
11. Glorifying the dictator and Human rights abuser Fidel Castro
12. Fall of Philosophical Standards bought on by Deconstructionist Theory
13. Tolerance to welfare corruption
14. Culture of Entitlement
15. Assisting the Mullahs to seize power in Iran
16. Justifying the attrocities of Sadaam Hussein and Hafez Assad in the Middle East
17. Promoting friction between different groups by supporting unjust Affirmative Action Programs that only serve to keep racism alive.
18. Radical Feminism's war against the Male gender
19. Support for the dumbing down of education programs at the School Level
20. Promoting a culture of emotion over logic
21. Supporting and excusing Khymer Rouge behaviour in Cambodia.
22. Restricting economic growth by supporting high taxes.
23. Paying lip service (and in many cases supporting) to terrorist groups like the IRA, Hezbollah, Red Army, Action Direct, Baader Meinhof Gang and Hamas.
24. Turning a blind eye to Islamic Terrorism
25. Restricting discourse through the use of PC language.
26. Promoting ill-thought out environmental packages such as Kyoto for political rather than practical gain.
27. Encouraging a convenient global criticism of the United States while ignoring the world's many dictatorships who abuse human rights.
28. Advocating Moral Relativism.
29. For Lieing to the populace in claiming to support Cultural diversity - when in reality championing a classless social structure with very little diversity.
30. Weakening the Effectiveness of the War against Terror by using the cloak of 'Human Rights Violations' as a stopper.
31. Turning the University campuses into breeding grounds for radicalism and intolerance.
32. Encouraging litigation based on frivilous consumer rights initiatives.
33. Playing the race game in the Katrina Disaster for political gains.
34. Turning a blind eye to hate movements and racists in its own ranks provided they espouse the same Anti-Judeo-Christian views.
35. Promoting along with the extreme right a culture of conspiracy thinking that it is baseless.
36. Overemphasizing the 'poverty breeds violence myth' that shortcircuits all rational treatment of a specific crisis.
37. Not standing up against the inherent evil of Late Term Abortion.
38. Polluting the environment - The East Bloc Countries were notorious for this.
39. Ignoring the reactionary programs of nationalizing industries that serve to benefit the elite few while notoriously discouraging investment.
40. The Cultural Revolution in China.
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