Tuesday, September 19, 2006

In the News VII

Democracy comes crashing down in Thailand
Another sad day for the popular voice.....I hope new leadership doesn't align themselves with
global radicals.

Maher Arar falsely Accused
Canadian Intelligence erred.. fine...but why is nobody criticizing that bastion of human rights Syria (they are the ones carrying out the torture in the first place).

Dennis Prager takes Howard Zinn to the cleaners
Loved it when Prager ties Zinn into knots over the Bush-Zarqawi moral equivalence.

A promising sign in Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue
Question Though: Is the Abbas/Hamas coalition serious about stopping terrorist attacks against Israel or is this more smokescreen?

Lamont Calls Lieberman a turncoat
Looks as though the Anti-War Dems are in panic mode. More name calling.....

More stupid rhetoric by Thabo Mbeki
SA President falls into blame game trap instead of seeking a workable solution. Reminds me of his conspiracy-based HIV policy (or lack of).

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