Sunday, September 03, 2006

New Scientist Update II

From the July 8th and 19th August Issues

July 8th

- It seems possible to 'pinch' off a second universe in a physics lab like setting. Personally I think this is complete nonsense but not according to NS.

- The universe apparently has a density of 10E-25 kg/cubic meter. Using these number scientists determined that the mass of the universe is much less than expected.

- A scientist discovers the mystery behind magic sand.

- Liked this one- since I am enthralled with extra-dimensions.
- Artificial sun may reveal extra dimensions

- This article on the Quantum weirdness of Graphene makes this issue worth buying.

- Potential Dam failure in Brazil

August 19th

- Mount Etna could blow

- Taxing obesity
- Not very PC but it may work

- The Temperature for Superconductors to work seems to have a very high end.
- Perhaps 450K.

- Interesting Stats from New Scientist (by the number).

26 kg - Number of kgs of ultra-rich uranium needed to build bomb.
18 nuclear smuggling attempts documented between 1993 and 2004
30,000 - Estimated number of Nuclear warheads worldwide

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