Monday, September 11, 2006

On September 11th 2006

My deepest sympathies go out to all those who lost innocent loved ones in the treacherous terrorist attacks of the 11th of September 2001.

NDP wants out of Afghanistan
- So I guess that Canada's no brain socialists are comfortable with leaving the Afgan people to the fate of the Taliban. I always thought the NDP cared about the plight of women worldwide? Clearly this is not the case.

'Harper cozying up to Bush argument' misses the point

I am growing tired of those commentators who criticize Stephen Harper for taking a stance against such terrorist groups as Hezbollah and Al Qaeda. One does not have to be a friend of George Bush or even motivated by a closeness to the US (as Harper is often accused) to realize that Islamic Fundamentalism and the terrorism espoused and undertaken by many of its loyalist followers is inherently evil and must be stopped. This is an outcome of a logical understanding of world issues. How long will it take these critics to realize that Fundamentalist Islam detests the West and wants it vanquished? Being Mr. Nice Guy won't help. End of Story.

Al-Qaeda vents at the UN, US, Israel and sanity
Just a reminder in case we forget.

Battle for Supremacy in the Muslim World
Shi'ite vs Sunni Fundamentalists
They do have one commonality though - a hatred of the West.
Pity the Ivory Tower intellectuals at Harvard can't see this.
Score one for the PR team of Iran.

A Ray of Hope - London Muslim leader honoured

Is David Cameron the next Neville Chaimberlain?
Remember when the Tories had such leaders as Winston Churchill and Maggie Thatcher. Looks like that ship has sailed some time ago.

Some Childishness from Jacques Chirac
Dug this one up. It is Chirac to a tee. Hehe...,,13509-2101032,00.html

Some advice from Ontario's One Time Primary Tax and Spender

More signs that Jack Layton was dropped on his head as a child
War on Terror - Pet Project?????

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