Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thoughts on a Challenge

I have taught for four years at a Private School in the Greater Toronto Area and have thoroughly immersed myself in a variety of different courses. These included:
Physics (Both Grades 11 and 12 - My speciality).
Biology (Grade 11)
Chemistry (Grade 11)
Philosophy (Grade 12)
General Sciences (Grades 9 and 12)
Ancient History (Grade 11)

In addition I have tutored Math 10, 11 and 12 (both Calculus and Algebra) as well as Chemistry and Biology 12. Hence in true form I have lived up to my ideal as a generalist (as much as possible). Having said all this I still lacked one essential ingredient - a Teaching Certificate that would allow me to teach beyond the Private School System. For this reason I have chosen to take a year long sabbatical from my Private School Teaching to earn the B.Ed qualification at an Ontario University.
My colleagues at the Private School warned me to not expect much. Often telling me how bored I would be in class. So far I have found the program somewhat to the contrary. My instructers are very informative, with strong real world experience and my practical experience at a Public School has shown me several techniques that I can use in both improving my content delivery and classroom management skills. In addition the quality of people that I have met in the Program have been first rate and my experience so far (although it is still early days) is certainly encouraging. In fact I look forward to each day of learning and teaching (the two aren't that different).

Now my impression so far might be a realization as well of the positive attitude that I have sought personally to engender but right now I am taking each task as a new opportunity, tackling hurdles with a zeal and putting as the Brits would say 'my best foot forward'. I believe that in life you receive that which you are willing to give out. You create your own happiness.

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