Sunday, September 03, 2006

20 Canadians I most respect

Not in any order of Importance

1. Vicki Keith - Ultra Marathon Swimmer. Charity fundraiser.
2. Romeo Dallaire - Former head of UN troops in Rwanda. Author of 'Shake Hands with the Devil'.
3. Roberto Bondar - Scientist, First Canadian woman in space.
4. Alan Borovoy - Head of Canadian Civil Liberties Association. Free Speech advocate.
5. Lewis MacKenzie - United Nation's peacekeeping General. Well known for tour in Bosnia.
6. Mark Steyn - Canadian rationalist Journalist.
7. Tak Mak - Medical Immunology Researcher.
8. Irshad Manji - Writer opposed to Islamic Extremitism.
9. Paul Godfrey - Head of Blue Jays organization. Helped bring Jays to Toronto in the first place.
10. Dennis Mills - Go-getting former Liberal MP. Organized SARS benefit concert.
11. David Frum - Canadian Journalist and former Presidential speechwriter.
12. Leslie Dan - Generic Pharmaceutical drug entrepeneur and Philanthropist.
13. Gerry Dobson - CTV Soccer Sportsnet Host. Strong champion of the game in Canada.
14. David Cronenberg- Canadian Filmaker.
15. Ezra Levant - Lawyer. Publisher of the Western Standard.
16. Lap-chee Tsui - Genetics Reseracher- Sick Kids.
17. Robert Lantos - Filmaker
18. George Jonas - Canadian Journalist and Novelist.
19. Mike Weir - Golfer. Winner of Masters in 2003.
20. Atom Egoyan - Filmaker
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