Thursday, September 14, 2006

In the News V

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Spirals further into the Sewer
And to think that my Tax Dollars go to support these clowns.

Lebanese PM discovers his backbone
.....for now anyway.

Has Mahmoud Abbas woken up or is this more rhetoric for the Western Media?,7340,L-3304144,00.html
Still not sure if Abbas-Hamas alliance is good cop-bad cop or just bad cop x 2?

Hugo Chavez has been sniffing that Venezuelan oil too long?,20867,20403689-1702,00.html
He reminds me of someone's bratty little kid brother spoling for a good whallop.

Its sad what the press considers a 'moderate ' these days?
Khatami merely spins a 'good face' on an Iranian regime that is rotten to the core. Once again the pseudo-intellectuals in the press fall for this.
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