Monday, August 14, 2006

16 Dumb Conspiracy Theories

Here are Sixteen of the many really stupid conspiracies that circulate out there in the popular (and not-so popular) culture indicating why logic and reason is more important now than ever.

If only they would apply Occam's Razor.

1. The World is controlled by shape shifting Reptiles - proposed by David Icke. This one takes the cake.
2. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (popular these days in the Muslim world as well as amongst Nazis).
3. The Illuminati (whoever they are) running the show but nobody having a clue (except of course the conspiracy theorists for one reason or another).
4. The US government flying remote controlled planes into the WTC on 911.
5. Shimon Peres being responsible for the Rabin killing - Barry Chamish
6. Monica Lewinsky - Israeli Agent -
7. Holocaust Denial
8. Gloria Steinem - CIA Agent - proposed by Henry Makow
9. US as a Police State - Alex Jones. If it were a police state he wouldn't be allowed to publish such crap in the first place.
10. Satanic Cults amongst the World's Elites
11. The Light bulb that runs forever that General Electric will never allow to be produced
12. AIDS as a CIA virus.
13. The Queen of England and the Drug Trade - Lyndon La Rouche.
14. The US government creating a drug problem in the American ghettos.
15. Roswell coverup
16. The Power of the Skull and Bones Society


Dots said...

Sad thing is...
I know people who buy into this stuff....

Students said...

I actually know Barry Chamish, he goes to my synagogue. He ism't off his rocker. He's strange, yes, but I agree with many of the things he says, because I had a personal discussion with him about it.

NH said...

You are a physics teacher? Alright, then how did WTC 7 fall on 9/11 if no planes hit it?

Anonymous said...

NH: Because the collapsing buildings hit it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you I can't stand conspiracy theories the people who seem to be worried the most about them seem to be the ones who don't get off of their tails and do something about it...ironic and why is it always leftist idiots that think this way...and to nh yea the collapsing towers are huge that's why they collapsed the WTC 7 try not to be so narrow minded bro the government should be you last theory not your first, to explain the WTC 7 getting destroyed. All of you conspiracy fools are the same blame the government first before looking at the facts. I think you people are like that becauseI you don't want to take responsibility for your own lack of success. Guess what I didn't have the greatest hand in life but I got out there and I made it work for me...I didn't expect my government to help me and I won't let them hold me back either...BUCK UP PEOPLE NO ONE IS GOING TO HOLD YOUR HAND THIS IS THE REAL WORLD

EM said...

Thanks for posting this list. Finally woke up and ralized this was all nonsense. There is so much REAL work to do in the world and this stuff just won't get us there. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

"why is it always leftist idiots that think this way"

Seriously? It seems to me that most people that think this way usually identify as being on the right. But I'm not here to argue which side is better. Either way, you're putting on blinders and letting your opinion be led by other people. Sure you're pulling the cart, but they've still got the reigns. Conspiracy theorist or not, the farther to the right or left you are, the more misinformed you are. That's a proven fact, and it's misinformed people that get most of these conspiracy theories started.