Sunday, August 06, 2006


I have had and still had many hobbies throughout my life. I have mentioned a few on this blog so far. Here is a list of some of my hobbies.

1. Collecting and Reading British Comics ie. Roy of the Rovers, Tiger, Battle, Scoop, Score, Shoot, Match, Look and Learn, Eagle

2. Collecting and Reading Asterix and Tintin Comics

3. Baseball cards -still a novice

4. Panini stickers. For more go to
I collected the Mammals, Birds, Disney, Soccer and Rugby Birds. I think (but I am not to sure that they did a series on the Guiness Book of World Records- Collection has gone AWOL).

5. Matchbox Cars - Mentioned in Blog Entry 22nd July 2006

6. Subbuteo Soccer sets Don't have much of this collection remaining anymore.

7. Stamps - British, South African, Rhodesian, World.

8. Corinthian Soccer Figures - A New hobby - A buddy of mine runs this site.

9. Classic Illustrated Comics - Mentioned in Blog entry 23rd July 2006.

and some more for later.............. It makes life interesting.
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