Thursday, July 31, 2008

A former Philosophy of Mine: Regitonics

I developed the political philosophy of Regitonics during my idealist stage in the early 90's. I have long since abandoned it..............but for old times sake here are the central ideas.

1. Neither Capitalism nor Communism are solutions for the problems that ail humanity.

2. Capitalism breeds excessive 'Individual Materialism'. Communism generates an over abundance of 'State Materialism'. Capitalism also crushes initiative by its emphasis on immediate money making projects (that are often not future orientated). Communism destroys initiative by discouraging individual freedoms, motivations and talents.

3. However the main Problem for both ideologies is their inability to control materialism.

4. Excessive Materialism destroys natural resources, creates gross inequalities in wealth and power and in the long run is self-destructive for our species.

5. What is needed is a new philosophy… I propose Regitonics.

What is Regitonics? The word derives from Reg(al) - Latin for king/queen and tonic (solution). Regitonics tries to fuse the 'good' of both Capitalism and Communism together. Its focus is on the Macro-project drive.

6. In the Reagan Era a booming economy was driven by a negative driver (the arms race and its spin off industries - although this was necessary to defeat Communism). Regitonics looks at this method of driving an economy but puts its faith in a 'positive driver'.

7. Positive Drivers include:
Pollution Control/Ecological Damage
Urban Renewal
National Health
Food Production
Infrastructure Maintenance
Telecommunication Enhancement
Housing Development

8. I believe that the drive to overcome these problems can stimulate the economy, distribute wealth more fairly, provide avenues of outlet for the diversity of talents that humanity is blessed with and improve the overall well-being of the human condition.

9. This may sound like fantasy but it is not. What is needed is strong action by both government, labour and free enterprise.

10. Government will lead but Free Enterprise and labour will follow close behind as the benefits to all are significant.

11. Five actions that will drive the Regitonic Economy are:

· A re-direction of state funding to the new ' Global Macro-projects';
· Government tax incentives to Free Enterprise for investing in Global-Macro-projects;
· Corporate Tax penalties for avoiding Macro-Project Funding;
· An agreement by Free Enterprise to link increasing revenues to more equitable wealth sharing with labour;
· An agreement by labour to decrease wage demand strikes.

12. Free enterprise will profit from government contracts. Regitonics will encourage spin off industries that will drive the economy further creating more overall wealth. Excessive Materialism will be checked by the five principles mentioned in 11.

13. Although some of these ideas may come across as a benign form of socialism. It is not. Regitonics will still create a differential wealth structure which is an observed necessity for stimulating human drive and motivation. The differential however will not be as pronounced as it currently is due to agreement-forced profit sharing.

14. All of these advances will hopefully create a more just economic society, that in turn will provide a less rocky foundation for businesses to grow in the future.
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