Monday, July 21, 2008

Two Documentaries: One Good One Poor

First the Good One

Obsession - A focused and riveting look into the world of Radical Islam and its global spread. Obsession spares no punches in describing this universal menace - its force of hatred and vile rhetoric. While I would like to have seen a bit more on the co-ordination of the threat, the documentary's greatest strength resides in its annihilation of the fallacious arguments that 'Jihadism would not exist if the US and Israel weren't around' and 'Jihadism's root cause is a poverty'. Two lines of thought that are most popular amongst the chattering class especially in academics.

Those interviewed in the documentary include: Walid Shoebat (Former PLO terrorist), Brigitte Gabrielle, Khaled Abu Toameh, Daniel Pipes, Itamar Marcus, John Loftus, Caroline Glick and Nonie Darwish.

A definte must see for all those who champion Western Civilization in the fight against barbarism.


Maxed Out

The movie prides itself as an expose on the credit card industry but like most attacks from the left is short on balanced fact, long on emotion and poor in quality. High credit for one is 'systematically' linked to Hurricane Katrina, Iraq, the Health Care Crisis and several other phenomena that only those most apt to see 'Six Degrees of Seperation' everywhere can draw intellectual comfort. How bad was this documentary? Think about Michael Moore with less funding and less objectivity.........enough said. While I am not a big fan of credit Card companies and the exorbitant interest rates that they charge I am also a strong proponent of individual responsibility, a notion that 'Maxed out' repeatedly ignores in its 'people vs the Corporations tract'. While this stance makes fodder for whiners - it does nothing to augment meaningful debate on the subject. Skip this one if you have something better to see. Else go to: for more.
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