Wednesday, July 02, 2008

In the News XXXVI

African Sham Politics

It looks as though that scoundrel Robert Mugabe is going to walk free as his fellow dictators in the African Union continue to give him the velvet glove treatment. Call this one in the eye of democracy with South Africa's incompetent Thabo Mbeki providing furtherpolitical support to enable the tryrant. For once the French get it right:

More from 'Shove It'

The Left's second favourite dictator Hugo Chavez (Castro is #1) continues to clamp down on political opponents. This time its General Vivas Perdomo - a critic of socialist ideology (I would love to know where Amnesty International is on this one).

Israel hands back killers to Hezbollah

It looks once again that the powers that be in Israel have gone soft once again.The release of child murderer Samir Quntar (most notorious for crushing four year Eynat Haran's head with his rifle) is the most disturbing of the current prisoners for bones (ie. the bones of dead Israeli sevicemen) deal. Quntar for his part is a 'hero' amongst the PA who apparently have no problems with child killers.

Obama tries to distance himself from Wes Clarke (sort of)

Failed political flunkie Wes Clarke's remarks about John McCain - a man whose boot laces Clarke should be honoured to tie - is causing some stir amongst the Democrats. Once again Obama tries to dodge a bullet while remaining loyal to his faithful. Credit to BHO he sure knows how to shovel it...

On the Road to nowhere

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown continues to sink further into the political sludge. Now his donor base are enacting a case of Et tu Brutus.
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