Wednesday, July 09, 2008

30 Annoyances and Irritations

I have developed over the years, largely due to necessity than anything else, a patience in dealing with annoyances and irritations.. The following is a list of some irritations. Not in any conscious order.

1. Cell Phones with customized ring tones
2. Bradgalina
3. Man U bandwagoners.
4. Chelsea FC
5. CAIR and its counless litany of complaints.
6. Bush Derangement Syndrome - even though I am not a fan of the current US administration.
7. African Union inaction regarding Mugabe and the host of other dictatorships that plague the continent.
8. People who dismiss soccer as a sport based on the sole notion of low scoring games.
9. Euro Snobs
10. Home Decorating shows (my wife loves them).
11. Socialites
12. The use of the word progressive to describe what is nothing more than old fashioned socialism with a new facelift.
13. The Cult of Victimhood
14. The silly but widely circulating notion (in academia) that theism represents a lower state of cognition.
15. Political Correctness repackaged as diversity
16. Poker as a Sport
17. Stories about Celebs in rehab
18. The movement to crush debate on the causes of global warming
19. Teachers who limit their students by championing only one form of problem solving.
20. Most modern day poetry
21. The overuse of the word 'alternative'.
22. Biased Reporting from the once credible BBC
23. Phone surveys at any time
24. Harry Potter Hysteria
25. People who are proud of the fact that they 'hated Math' at school.
26. Canadian Anti-Americanism
27. Sports Salaries
28. The 'I-will-vote-for-Obama-as-he-represents-change-crowd' - Ask them what the change is and they are normally dumbfounded for detail.
29. Ethical Relativism
30. Western hypocrisy regarding China.
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