Monday, July 14, 2008

Personal Maxims

I view life as a jouney or quest for self-improvement. There is no doubt that it is challenging - which is a necessary characteristic. Perseverence is key. A strong relationship to G-d has personally helped me.

The following list of maxims are what I attempt to live up to (although not always with success).

1. Trust in G-d. Communicate with G-d.
2. Think before speaking.
3. Life needs meaning - one of the reasons I became a teacher
4. Control one's anger
5. Stand up for yourself
6. Broaden one's mind - by reading and trying out new ideas.
7. Use logic and reason to solve problems - this does not contradict religious faith.
8. Give unto others. The more one gives with meaning the more one grows.
9. Don't shy away from the unknown.
10. Avoid Junk - this includes Food, reading material, entertainment etc.
11. Place meaning well ahead of materialism.
12. Take the upbringing of your children very seriosly.
13. Think about the Big Picture. Prioritize accordingly.
14. Never let your imagination deterioate.
15. Very Important - Take the upbringing of your children very seriously.
16. Be mindful of fads and trends (but not necessarily close minded).
17. Question - so that you can improve.
18. Try and not take take events personally (not an easy one - I often struggle with this).
19. Set aside time for leisure.
20. Life is not a rush to a finish line.
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