Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Tony Snow R.I.P
He was an astute human being, a mensch and a champion of democracy,2933,382764,00.html

Obama Cartoons
I am no fan of the pretentious New Yorker and find the cartoons as well as the satire that they attempted to convey 'silly'.
Full credit to the McCain camp for denouncing the cartoons which do nothing but lower the standard of political discourse.
Nevertheless what interests me is how the cartoons will be interpreted - I am not convinced that the satire is that obvious to all and it would not surprise me if many, just by looking at the cover, will be more likely to accept the meme that Obama is a weak force in the War Against Terror. The New Yorker may just have handed the McCain campaign the Willy Horton of 2008.

Israel reveals weakness and receives two bodies
Israeli leadership continued with the 'Mr. Nice guy' approach by handing back child killer , Sumar Qantar, and four other terrorists (as well as the bones of many more) in exchange for the bodies of the kidnapped Israeli soldiers, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev. The whole story of Israel capitulating to the demands of Islamofascists is sickening. Where is the brave leadership that the Jewish state so needs? Where are the Ben-Gurions, Meirs, Begins and Shamirs? Ehud Olmert has to go...

In the ABC article Shimon Peres claimed that he used his power under Israeli law to pardon Samir Qantar. I wonder how he can look the family of Qantar's victims - Danny Haran and his four year old daughter Einat (whom Qantar smashed in the head with a rifle) - in the eye.
Shame on you Peres.
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Will Chavez come clean and denounce FARC?
I doubt it. His support of FARC lies at the core of his radical ideology.

Hugo Chavez, Ortega call for Latin American unity
Yes...they are looking to see how they can further impoverish the region on a larger scale.

Alberta betrayed once again
Looks like the Ghost of Pierre Trudeau is alive and well.

US Envoy to meet Iranian Nuke negotiator,2933,383381,00.html
Concessions anyone?

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