Wednesday, July 09, 2008

In the News XXXVII

An End of an Era - NASA shuttle to take last flight in 2010
Questions though: I am uncertain as to where this leaves the all important space drive. Perhaps the Private Sector Initiative wrt to space flight can take up the slack.

Obama shows signs of being trail weary,0,6269863.story
Perhaps........The LA Times has McCain in control of 202 Electoral votes, Obama at 154 while 192 remain up for grabs. As much as I like McCain though I still believe that this is Obama's election to lose.
Some Key States up for grabs: Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota and Washington.

David Cameron - tough on Crime
Have the Tory's awoken from a ten year slumber? Old Davie boy is now sounding more like Maggie Thatcher and less like the Tory Wets.

Botswana shows backbone with respect to Mugabe
Hopefully such leadership will filter dow to the rest of Africa on this issue

Mbeki on the refugee attacks - Never Again
He has failed to take a bold step on Zimbabwe - so this is yet another case of we will believe it when we see it.

Israelis sue Lebanese banks for helping Hezbollah
I am not a fan of law suits but if this one succeeds it could stem some flow of terror money (not the main flow of course which is courtesy of Iran).

Hurricane Chavez continues along its path of destroying the Venezuelan economy with old-fashioned socialism

Canadian Leftists squabble about Carbon Tax
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