Monday, July 14, 2008

Quiz #6 - Dogs

I haven't posted a quiz for ages on this blog although I do post them frequently on

Here is a fun quiz on Dogs


1. What colour are Dalmatian puppies when they are born?
2. What is the smallest breed of dog?
3. This breed of dog is the most intelligent. Name the dog?
4. What is the oldest breed of dog?
5. Which dog breed is the heaviest?
6. Which breed bites humans more often than any other?
7. How many times is a dog’s sense of smell better than ours?
8. True or False: Dogs are colourblind.
9. With which US state do you associate the Malmute?
10. Which country do Weimaraners originate from?
11. What breed of dog is associated with Ancient Chinese royalty?
12. An Australian wild dog is also known as a…

Answers to Dogs Quiz

1. All White
2. Chihuahuas.
3. The Collie. Afghans are the dumbest.
4. The Saluki – Egyptian greyhounds. Breed is ten thousand years old.
5. The St. Bernard though Irish Wolfhounds are the tallest.
6. German Shepherds.
7. A thousand times.
8. False. Although their sense of vision is poor.
9. Alaska.
10. Germany. It’s a 19th century breed.
11. The Pekingese.
12. The Dingo.
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