Monday, July 28, 2008

In the News XL

Islamist Terrorists strike again
The left often claim that the terror has been blown out of proportion (no pun intended).
The bomb attacks in Turkey, Iraq, India and Pakistan tell a far different story.
Islamist terror is a global phenomena that must be taken seriously.
For more on this evil read:
The Religion of Peace - As of July 26th 2008, 11530 people have been killed by Islamist terrorists - and Jihad Watch.

Former Bosnian Serb leader - Radovan Karadzic arrested
This is an extremely positive move. However there are other hang overs from the Bosnoan War with bloody hands as well - such as Ratko Mladic whose hands are stained with blood as well - who still defy capture. Also why is there so little movement in bringing to justice Croat and Bosnian Muslim war criminals. After all war crimes were perpetrated by both sides in this 90s conflict.

Gordon Brown hoping for the Obama magic
He needs some of this magic to stave off a potential election defeat. However the British PM is struggling with even some in his party calling for his resignation. I expect him to stave off a party insurection as he has the backing of the bosses and may even fluke an election victory as did John Major in the post Thatcher era (1992) and Canadian PM Paul Martin (2004).

Is South Africa finally getting tough on Zimbabwe's Mugabe?
I hope so and if you believe this story from the Timesonline it may indeed be the case. However as usual the mixed messages coming from Africa's superpower illustrates that Pretoria is still not prepared to drop the dictator - just yet . My ongoing question - Is the Mugabe scenario (especially the farm confiscation and rigged elections) a prequel to how events may roll out in South Africa twenty years hence? As a former South African citizen, I wouldn't wager against it.

Israeli PM Ehud Olmert on his way out?...........We can only hope
Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni seems to think so and I agree. Although I doubt whether Livni as the new Kadima leader woyld be any better. Olmert may himself call it quit as should Shimon Peres...........a long time ago. It also looks as though negotiations on the release of Israeli POW Gilad Shalit are on hold for now. Shalit is being held by the terror supporting Hamas regime in Gaza. Speaking of Hamas it appears as though Fatah is clamping down on its main rival in the West Bank. I wonder if this is all for show.

Canadian Politics as of late
The Montreal Gazette claims PM Stephen Harper's minority has run its course - I agree it should be replaced by a Conservative majority. 'Lie'beral leader Stephane Dion also seems to think that there may be a fall general election. Although his party of default needs to ingest some 'courage pills' before that can take on the Conservatives. The Cadman tapes saga has surfaced again with a judge ordered analysis of the tapes. As for the increasingly left-of-center Globe and Mail it is working over time as a mouthpiece for the 'Lie' beral Party in keeping alive the non-existant link between Harper and former PM Brian Mulroney with respect to the Schreiber deal (a topic which the public couldn't care less about).

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