Friday, August 01, 2008

In the news XLI

Obama Cartoon
Source: Political Humour

Front Page Magazine is always a great source for articles. I have linked to three that are worth looking into. They are: An interview with Ishmael Jones on the Dysfunctional nature of the CIA, a look at Germany's Intifada and a data-rich look at why many illegal immigrants to the US are returning home.

More stupidity in Saudi Arabia: Now the Sale of Cats and Dogs in capital must be banned to keep the sexes apart.

Zimbabwe has a 100 billion dollar note. Check it out here. Meanwhile the Mugabe saga continues in this once prosperous nation.

Victor Davis Hanson makes some great points as to why Europe loves Obama. I agree with all the points except #2 which seems a bit contrived.

Chavez looks to Putin. Both are dictators so why not join forces together. Another threat to the West in the making.

Egypt's Mubarak and Uganda's Museveni wish to give Sudan's criminal ruler, Omar al-Bashir, some time to imnprove. 500,000 have died in Darfur and the brain trust at the AU is looking to give this thug a second chance............Is it any wonder that Mugabe is still in power in Zimbabwe. Don't count on the AU for justice.

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