Monday, August 18, 2008

In the News XLIV

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf resigns

I never liked Musharraf - he overthrew an elected government (albeit a corrupt one) - and failed to take the initiative in sealing his border from Taliban insurgents thereby enhancing the problems faced by NATO in neighbouring Afghanistan. He talked tough but failed to deliver. However I have my reservations as to whether his successor will be an improvement. Nuclear armed Pakistan is very much a concern especially if such weapons were to fall into the hands of a rogue group (of which there are no shortages thereof in Pakistan). Musharraf's successor needs to clamp down with rigour against the Islamist threat. Whether they will (I believe they can - Pakistan has a strong military) is the critical question? If not NATO may have no choice but to act in a manner which facilitates such neutralization.

US will protect Poland with anti-missile shield

The US is correct in supplying Poland with a missile system to defend against external belligerency. The West failed once at the end of World War II when it allowed Eastern Europe to be taken over by the Soviet/Russian Bear. Repeating the mistake would be an insult to generations past.The fact that the Ukraine is willing to follow the same pathway as Poland is also a favourable development.

More yammering in Africa to save Mugabe's hide

So far its only tiny Botswana that seems to be taking a strong line in defense of Democracy. South African President Thabo Mbeki's pro-Mugabe stance is an insult to the Freedom Charter that the ANC claims to champion.

The Chinese take on Olympic Protests - not bloody likely

As expected China has turned down all 77 applications for protest.

McCain/Cameron better choice than Obama/Brown when facing International threat

Its all about decisiveness and courage to act with conviction.

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