Thursday, August 07, 2008

In the News XLII

Soviet dissident and vocal opponent of Communism Alexander Solzhenitsyn passed away this month. His literary legacy which includes the Gulag Archipelago shed very important light on the suppression of free thought that so characterized the 'Evil Empire'. Even former leftist and chronic naysayer Chris Hitchens has something good to say about the Russian writer.

Russia invades Georgia to lend support to the breakaway region of South Ossetia. The Georgians have apparently shot down two Russian planes. Call me pessimistic but I believe this could be one of the initial steps in the recreation of the Old Soviet Empire (with a new face of course Putin for Stalin).

Beijing Olympics begin. It was a travesty to award the Olympics to China in the first place - which is when China should have been taken to task for her pitiful human rights record. Beating the Beijing regime over the head now with respect to Tibet, free speech restriction and other misgivings is a classic case of too little too late.

Terrorists in China kill 16 police officials. More proof that the Islamist threat is a worldwide phenomenon despite much denial from western leftists.

In addition this is an oldie but its worth reading. China almost had its own 911.

Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post wants Obama to toughen up. Sounds like desperation on behalf of the Main Stream Media who are at a loss as to why there pro-Obama bias is not paying the great dividends expected. Message to Kurtz - maybe just maybe the American electorate is smarter than you think. Fancy that..........George Will has an interesting take on the issue.

Dictatorship Alert: Hugo Chavez's attempt top rule by decree in Venezuela is rightfully criticized. Chavez. Didn't the so-called 'progressives' once call him a Champion of Democracy. Looks like the left is in error once again.

Bin Laden driver receives a wrist slap. This must be real encouragement for future Jihadists. Worst of all the convicted terrorist will be out in six months. I am sure the ACLU must be celebrating as well.

EU to impose sanctions on Iran. Its about bloody time. However these sanctions have to be rigid and enforceable. I just hope the French don't find some way to undermine them for economic reasons...........this has been too often the reality of the Gallic political machine

'Mbeki's integrity intact' Integrity standards in South Africa are clearly not very high.

Mozambique opposition leader pulls no punches on Robert Mugabe calling him a 'political criminal'. Kudos to Alfonso Dhlakama for denouncing the Zimbabwean autocrat.

Coup D'Etat in Mauritania What this means for the future of democracy in the West African nation is anyone's guess.

Obama on missile defense. This is yet another issue that has yet to come to the fore in the 2008 Campaign but should. The US must go ahead with Ballistic Missile Defense.

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