Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Quick Guide to Leftist Hatred

Leftism as a political philosophy is very much driven by a pathology of hatreds. While a vast proportion of the hatred is directed against opposing ideologies, much of the hatred arises from an inability to tolerate success in others. John Ray of Dissecting Leftism goes into great detail with respect to this issue in his various blogs.Having debated Leftists on many an occasion (more times than I care to remember) I have a compiled a list of ten hatreds that are notoriously common to the leftist mentality.

1.Hatred of the US: The US is an economic, scientific and culturally successful free market driven country. It also led the fight that ultimately culminated in the defeat of the Soviet Union (a leftist tyrannical regime - and the main horse that leftists backed during the Cold War). Hatred of the US is a very useful mechanism in uniting conflict leftist ideologies. The leftist extension of its hatred of the US carries over to a vile disdain of other US influenced organizations such as the IMF, World Bank and NATO. This was most recently observed in leftist support for Russia’s invasion of the prospective NATO and Western Ally, Georgia.

2. Hatred of Global Capitalism (GC): GC stands in the way of the world wide spread of International Socialism and its variances (Trotskyism, Maoism, Marxism, Eco-fascism etc) which Leftists seek to promote. It is important to note that it is not globalization that leftists detest - their ideologies hinge on a global outlook as well – but in the proliferation of the free market mantra.

3. Hatred of the Nature View Point: Leftists for the most part detest genetic explanations especially in the field of psychometrics, as it undermines the relevant nurture based constructs that they believe can be manipulated to create the respective nirvanas. Such a bias has manifested itself in such leftist dominated academic fields as sociology and psychology.

4. Hatred of Organized Religion: In Leftist thought the organized traditional religions need to 'fade away' or be annihilated (depending on the urgency) so that the collectivist vision predominates. Organized religions also have a nasty habit of undermining leftist totalitarianisms. Nevertheless Leftists will however tolerate organized religion, if it too opposes a greater threat - such as that of the US. Leftist sympathy for Islamism is an outcrop of such thinking (Despite the fact that Islamism and Leftism would ‘rip each other apart’ in a world devoid of the common bogeyman of Classical Liberalism ).

5. Hatred of Tradition: Leftism centers on the twin notions of destruction and re-building. Tradition represents that which has to be destroyed as it is the product of the ‘old order’ (which in leftist eyes can never be ‘good’). Leftists, from the early days of the French Revolution Jacobins have been hostile to tradition seeking to replace existing structures and establishments with those of their own making.

6. Hatred of Standards: Standards throw a wrench into the workings of leftism and its adherence to moral and intellectual relativism. Standards also provide additional support for the ‘old order’ and validate the tradition that leftists wish to dismantle. It is no wonder that Post-Modernist thinking with its emphasis on anti-establishment rhetoric is so popular with leftists in university settings.

7. Hatred of Individuality: Leftists are ultimately opposed to individuality, although they will tolerate it in the short run as bait for the creative class. Individuality contradicts the group think creed inherent in leftist ideology. In the West this sentiment is evident in education where it manifests itself in an opposition toward home/private schooling and voucher systems.
Elsewhere where leftist regimes have power this extend to state control and censorship of the arts and literature (remember the bourgeoisie art hysteria of the old Soviet Union). With this in mind it is puzzling how so many in the arts continue to back leftist anti-market causes when historically the free market system has provided the best platform for the promotion of artistic self-expression.

8. Hatred of Debate/Counter Thought: Leftists are quick to complain about their voices being marginalized, yet once power is achieved are quick to negate free speech. Leftist championing of university speech codes, human rights tribunals and ‘offense directed’ litigation are testament to this reality in the west.

9. Hatred of Corporations: Leftists see corporations as the face of capitalism and it would therefore suffice, in the Leftist mindset, to loathe them on this aspect alone. However corporations exist at the brunt of this hatred (regardless of their nature of service) as they represent an external challenge to the statism that so many leftists crave. Furthermore like the US, Israel and the establishment; corporations also provide a useful avenue for hate venting that can be utilized in enhancing the footprint of the revolutionary movement.

10. Hatred of Israel: Israel is a successful country, for the very same reason that the US is, in that it values economic and personal freedom. It is also a reliable ally of the US. Leftism’s extreme hatred of Israel is motivated by an opposition to Judeo-Christian values (suffused in many cases with an unhealthy dose of anti-semitism), the ever present leftist hatred of success in others and a pragmatic need to win allies, this time from within the Arab/Muslim world and the anti-Jewish diaspora.
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