Saturday, August 16, 2008

What are the goals of Leftism?

Leftism as a political movement carries with it a drive that is ultimately destructive. In my numerous debates with leftists I have noticed many commonalities that are worrisome, in the way that they reflect this belief. These have been outlined in an earlier post. While not all players who fall under the leftist label can be described asuch, the overall intended direction and ambition of the movement, is unmistakingly characterized below.

1. The end of Free Markets - Free Markets create income differentials which run in antithesis to the leftist ideal of monetary equality. The fact that income differentials are a key driving force to the overall wealth of all does not concern leftists. In leftist thought it is better that all are poor than that some are wealthy. I believe that this may be guided by a pathology of inferiority that underpins the philosophy of leftism as a whole.

2. The eradication of the Judeo-Christian ethos - Judeo-Christian philosophy, work ethic and initiative fostering has been vital in driving and sustaining Western Civilization. This is anethma to Leftists whose underlying Radicalism is driven by the notion of 'destroy, clear out and recreate'. Such a truism defined the two most influential 20th century Leftist Philosophies - Communism and National Socialism. Leftists in short detest Judeo-Christian philosophy as it has a proven record of success in historical terms and this ultimately invalidates Leftism itself.

3. The creation of a new elite - The new elite will carry through the necessary programs of social engineering. Leftists believe that the environment is the key variable that can be manipulated to establish their specific utopic scenario. In Leftist thinking the elite must be stern in their manipulation of the environment. They must furthermore act with no recourse to the opinion of the masses whom leftists ultimately believe are in the dark about the truth anyway. Leftist fondness for re-education training (a common policy in Communist nations), sensitivity training in the West and opposition to private education (a milieu where the elites are more easily challenged) colours such thinking. Leftist claims of support for non-hierachial structures (a popular misconception) is nothing more than a smokescreen to encourage resistance to current hierarchies that they seek to destroy. It is important not to forget that in every case that leftists have succeeded in destroying a hierarchy (Nazi Germany, Soviet Union and Cambodia etc.) they have replaced it with another hierarchy that has been far worse.

4. A Single World Government - Leftists claim to detest globalization but what they
actually loathe is the spread of global capitalism not globalization itself. Leftists actually are arch globalizers as they wish to see the whole world recreated in their utopic ideal - and a single world government providing one source of action certainly facilates this approach. Communism, Trotskyism and Anarchism all have a global outlook as do the radical faces of environmentalism and feminism (these two movements have moderate forms as well that are not necessarily leftist). In the US an ever present leftist ideology overwhelmingly advocates making US foreign policy subservient to the United Nations (the closest example to a body of potential World Government that exists today). The fact that the UN is more of a collection of dictatorships than democracies is of no importance to leftists as leftism itself ultimately abhors democracy.

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