Sunday, August 17, 2008

9 Possible World War Three Scenarios

This is more of a brainstorming exercise than anything else but it is worth thinking about nevertheless.

1. China against the US - A war of ideology and Economic influences. Principal theaters of conflict would be the Pacific, South East Asia and Eastern Russia/Manchuria.

2. China allied with the Islamic World against the West - similar to scenario #1 but with more parties involved.

3. US against Russia - The original Third World as envisioned by Cold Warriors. Less likely to happen than in the time before the 1990s (collapse of Communism) but nevertheless it is still a possibility. Would be apocalyptic as both countries still possess the largest nuclear arsenals on the globe.

4. West and India against China and Russia - China and Russia fighting to avoid encirclement by their enemies. Could occur if Totalitarianism is resurrected in Russia.

5. US and China against India and Russia - Would be a possibility if Russia reasserted itself and realigned with India, Another Cold War Scenario come to life.

6. The Americas against Asia - A late 21st century war possibility that could occur as both continents strive for domination of the mining rights to the Planet's largest Ocean.

7. War of the Corporations - A war situation in a post-nation state world where corporations battle one another for control of the planet's resources. This war could quite likely move into the region of space near Earth.

8. The War of the Next ideology - A war in which the next counter-capitalism ideology raises its head, spreads out across the border and challenges the existing capitalist infrastructure. Counter-capitalism culture could take the form of rejuvenated Marxism or a totally new ideology (perhaps New Age) that has yet to be synthesized.

9. The Oil Wars - Decreasing energy resources may force the West to take matters into their own hands and force OPEC to hand over its assets.


Anonymous said...

hmm interesting scenarios. at this point in time number 4 seems the most likely scenario. america and europe against russia and china. india is definitely the wild card though and probably a key to victory if one of those sides can gain it as an ally. india seems to flip flop though and supports and gets aid from both america and russia. if war ever broke out between those four powers itd definitely be interesting to see who india would side with.

Anonymous said...

well more practical and near reality will be china vs usa in the asian region. though, this would mean inviting to a war. . .hmmmmm but mind u, if the former mid power china would take its new role as a new regional power in asian region would somehow lessen the reality of a new world war. remember if not for the cold war a new could have erupted! the scenario again, of china assuming regional power would somehow impede a natural reaction towards a global war.

Anonymous said...

well for russia to re enter the regional power scenario would be holding its presence at the eurasian region.

JodyMac said...

I see you've left out one scenario, and that is North America against South America. Which is already happening ,but the public only sees what the government contolled media will show them. I know first hand that US troops are boots on the ground at the Panama Canal, and not only for the canal.
This is not going well to say the least. Aggression towards the US is as intense or more than in the Middle East... But why isn't this being reported? I have a few theories,and images to correspond the theories.