Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In the News XLIII

Soviets...oops Russians....expanding Empire

The Russian invasion of Georgia (which apparently took the US by surprise...so much for satellite technology) is extremely worrisome. Not only has the sovereign territory of an independent nation being violated but Georgia is a democracy and a pro-Western Ally (didn't the US go to war for less in liberating the autocratic Kuwait from the Iraqi invaders in 1991?) that deserves our support in the fight against Putin's thuggery. The WSJ has an article where it likens Putin to Napoleon Bonaparte. This may be the case - Russia is certainly acting in a manner that resembles the Soviet Union, who invaded Hungary in 1956 and Czechoslovakia 1968 (both during Olympic Years .......co-incidence ?) to re-affirm its authority. In addition Russia has been meddling for some time in former Republics of the Soviet Union especially Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic States.
Anyway at least lame duck president George W. Bush seems to be talking tough with the Russians. Will this help? I doubt it. What the US needs to do is exert its economic clout.

Ezra Levant defeats Enemies of Free Speech in Canada
Levant, who is a strong opponent of Islamofascism, went to great lengths to fight off this phony human rights charge. His effort has been somewhat justified (as was Mark's Steyn) but he suffered severe financial ruin in the process. If Free Speech is a priority in Canada (which it should be in any democracy) the government ought to take steps in abolishing the plethora of Human Rights Commissions who have grown into unnecessary watchdogs and stiflers of reasonable opinion.

Cuban Baseball players defect from leftist 'paradise'
Sorry but I couldn't resist the sarcasm.

More sniping in the US Presidential Election
It seems as though McCain's celebrity taunts have hit a nerve with Obama. As understood Hollywood endorsements can be more of a curse than a blessing.

Hamas tries some fuzzy logic
According to Mahmoud al-Zahar, a senior Hamas spokesman, 'the militants that fired rockets at Israel on Monday are collaborators with Israel

Mugabe enabler Thabo Mbeki racks up additional frequent flyer miles
and so the saga continues........more yakking as the country chokes

The Average Poll has Obama ahead of McCain by an average of 4.8%
I don't have much faith in polls as a rule but there seems to be an unusual consistency amongst these.

Here is a question I would love pollsters to ask:

If the Russia/Georgia situation does erupt onto a larger scale which candidate would you rather have as Chief-of-Staff?

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