Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Brief Re-Cap

I am back blogging after a busy August long weekend break (talk about alliteration). As a teacher one of the perks of the profession are the summer vacations - which are usually well earned - after a demanding school year. So far this particular vacation is living up to all expectations. I normally teach summer school (at least I have done for the last six years - Physics Grade 11 being the regular course) - but this year I was unable to obtain a position. Ever the optimist I have taken this as a blessing in disguise as it has allowed me to spend more time with the family. Considering the fact that Dina and I have a newborn baby this outcome appears to be well worth it.

Being a father is an opportunity that I take very seriously and I consider myself very fortunate to have the luxury of time. In addition I am focusing on several mini-projects for my own personal development. These are:

a. Blogging - I have three Blogs one of which is Worldoreason is one.
b. Learning more about Thermodynamics - this helps enrich my knowledge of physics
c. Reading history - in particular the 19th century - a period that fascinates me
d. Carrying out odd jobs around the house - Dina never tires of finding these
e. Catching up on some must see movies
f. Visiting museums, the zoo and other sights (normally a family affair).
g. Growing my Spirituality via a self identified program of improvement.
h. Watching some Sport - Wimbledon, the Olympics (next month etc).
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