Sunday, July 01, 2007

Leftist Commonalities

In my dialogue with Leftists and my study of Leftist Philosophy and Political Writings I have noticed several phenomena that seem to define the mindset. Especially in North America

These are:

1. A need for a scapegoat or bogeyman – at one stage this was European Imperialism and Colonialism – now it is the US – a country that can do NO right.

2. A hatred of Judeo-Christian philosophy – Opposition to the Jews as the groundbreakers of the philosophy – in its contemporary form this has manifested itself in the hatred seen on the left toward Israel.

3. A tendency to de-emphasize history – History often negates leftist reasoning.

4.A love of conspiracy theory - A commonality shared with the Far-Right as well.

5. An overuse of Silver-bullet reasoning (fix healthcare = socialized medicine. Improve education = add more money, etc).

6.A belief that the government elites are inherently more able than the general population.

7. An opposition to tradition – hence the support for Post-Modernist Analysis in Academia.

8.Moral Relativism as a means but not an end. The End is of course (in True Hegelian Fashion) - the Philosophy of the Leftist Utopia.

9. The Culture of Victim hood – A tool for conversion to Leftist Thinking.

10.Identity Politics – Builds resentment toward the traditional system.

11. Collectivist as opposed to individual solutions.

12. A loss of an Objective Scale of Judgment – grievances in the West that are expressed by an ‘oppressed’ group are often equated to far worse Third World human rights violations. This is necessary to create a sense of animosity for the system.

13. A scale of oppression that sees everyone as Victims except the White Males (ultimate source to whivh venom is directed).

14. An overuse of specific cliché phrases.. These include the terms: Sexism, Racism, Oppression, Occupation, Colonialism, Post-Colonialism, Eurocentric etc.

15. A hatred of systems of merit coupled by a love of social engineering that de-emphasizes merit.

16. A tendency to view all other political systems in an exaggerated dystopic light - while at the same time emphasizing the Utopia of the Leftist Philosophy. Leftists ultimately oppose middle-ground solutions.

17. A hatred of the military unless the military is serving a Leftist agenda – such as the Red Army, various Arab Nationalist State Armies, Terrorist groups etc.

18. An opposition to Guns in society but not too much of an opposition as Guns may be necessary for the Revolution (the ultimate passion that beats in the bosom of most leftists).

19.An acceptance of Drug Culture as it opposes the Traditional System.

20.A System of monetary entitlement – sponsored by taxation.

21. An apparent support for Human Rights unless of course it clashes with the Left-Wing Agenda – Hence the near silence on the Russian Purges, Khymer Rouge, Cultural Revolution, Castro’s Cuba.

22. The use of mythology that creates larger than life versions of such thugs as Che Guevera, Yasser Arafat, Hugo Chavez, Chris Hani, Trotsky etc.

23. A belief that Academics/teachers should use their positions in the classroom to promote a leftist social agenda.

24. A support for a system of morality that judges the designated ‘oppressed’ far less harshly than anyone else. Leftists see this as fair. Everyone else sees this as a multi-tired morality system.

25. A support for discriminatory policies such as Affirmative Action – as they represent an apparent step towards the Utopia.
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