Monday, July 30, 2007

Aayan Ali Hirsi II - The Saga continues

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He threw in the towel after this.

Does this make her story of brutality and forced circumcision any less valid? You are avoiding the key issue here which is the Treatment of Women in various segments of Muslim society. And what makes you think her story is true? The report clearly states she lied about her forced marriage and she admitted herself she lied about a lot of things she put in her application.

I believe though in the case of the circumcision that she has the scars to prove it. The Theo Van Gogh story has also been collaborated by several sources.

Aso tyhe report does not detract from the extreme sexism that she faced. And there is no sexism in the West lol

You are avoiding the question by using blatant sophistry again.

If you are referring to the recent 5-4 decision by the Court rejecting race as a guide for school admission then the court decision was correct.” So, you basically you don’t believe in integration? You don’t believe in diversity?

You must know that the issue is more complicated then this. Roberts opposes, like I do, a system of quotas based on race. This is a very valid stance. There are better ways to integrate than to rely on a system of forced discrimination….. And yes I do support diversity…Thank You Very Much… especially a diversity of criticism that has become so scare in this milieu of mindless US bashing.The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.’ You actually believe this simplistic, narrow view? Yeah, ok Chief Roberts. I suppose the only way to stop teen pregnancy is for teens to stop having sex?

Your response here is as illogical as it is condescending and is not worth the effort incurred in addressing it.

Yes but it didn’t succeed. Thankfully it failed in the Senate. A triumph for the system.. “ You are right the proposed constitutional amendment did fail. However, for him to even suggest such a thing was shocking. Nevertheless, the Republicans exploited the gay issue and put it on the ballot in the 2006 elections, with many states in the South rejecting gay marriage…. Funny, how Hirsi Ali is all for gay rights, but has no qualms about working for these people.

In a democracy many ideas are entertained – some good some bad – this happened to be a bad one.

I notice that you still haven’t mentioned the status of gay rights in Somalia

He expressed support for the UN in its criticism of American action in Iraq

My response:

The same esteemed organization that has been rendered ineffective in coordinating action to prevent the genocide in Darfur (Muslim on Muslim violence for the most part) because whenever the issue is raised it is stifled by such paragons of human rights as Saudi Arabia, Russia, China and Sudan. The UN cannot carry out missions without the financial support of donor countries. Many Westerners have been wary of any foreign involvement after seeing the disastrous US occupation liberation of Iraq.

Another simplistic generalization. The UN has largely been ineffective as a security force since the 1960’s –several factors account for this. Most prominent are: bloc voting, the presence of a disproportionate number of totalitarian states in its family of nations, internal bureaucracy and world indifference. Nevertheless I must applaud some of the Efforts of WHO.
What the world needs is an International Organization of Democracies with strong criteria for admittance

This is the same attitude that led to the genocide in Rwanda… No nation wanted to be involved in that country after the Blackhawk incident and the US left Somalia.

Its again more complicated than that. Read Romeo Dallaire’s Shake Hands with the Devil. My personal belief though is that the World US failed Rwanda.

Moreover; the US has been very quiet about taking issue with Saudi Arabia’s treatment of women and minorities.

Finally you have a good point. I have raised this issue several times myself and this is one of my main criticisms of the Bushites as well.

I suppose you get off the hook if you are a US ally in the war on terror. Saudi Arabia is not an ally. I have said this all along. It is the source of the Wahhabi fanaticism. Many Conservatives (Mark Steyn, John Ray) and some liberals (Al Franken and Mike Moore) have taken Bush to task in this issue.

In any case, do you actually approve of the torture methods used by US officials in Guantanamo Bay? What do you define as a torture method? I’m sorry, that is not what they call it now is it? Ok, let me rephrase: Gavin, do you approve of the “enhanced interrogation techniques” used by US officials in Guantanamo Bay?

Depending on the techniques used – Yes in some cases – especially if provides critical information that can save lives. I am sorry if this upsets you but the civil liberties of terrorists is a secondary concern. I am more worried about the lives of their intended victims.

“I notice how you conveniently forgot mentioning your own use of the stereotype FOB? (he used this derogatory term to refer to Ali Hirsi's attitude). Are you being a hypocrite?

As I said, I called her by that term bc her attitude was like someone who just arrived in the US and was all mesmerized by the bright lights. I explain this to you in my first post, but I suppose you like to ignore things you don’t like to hear.

You haven’t explained it. Your remark is as insulting to newcomers now as it was when you said it originally. As a teacher this is especially disturbing.

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