Monday, July 30, 2007

Military Stats II

This thread is useful as my opponent here discusses at a level significantly higher than that seen during the Ayaan Ali Hirsi round - where I totally trounced the guy.

My original replies in Red.
His Reply in Blue.
My Secondary Reply in Green.
Debate is still ongoing...who knows we may even reach some time of meaningful consensus.

New REPLIES IN Green to distinguish from my original RED

The repetition of the errors of Vietnam where the press is permitted to exploit the war from the front lines to manipulate public opinion. War is never pleasant, adding sensationalized journalism to the mix is a dangerous recipe; [So it's journalists fault the war is based on a lie, ill-conceived and pointedly futile. I did not know that.] No its journalists fault for over reporting the negative and downplaying the positive.

I believe a far greater majority are listening and learning. The North Vietnamese chose a different course on their own , just as the Iraqis, Saudis, Palestinians, Venezuelans, Cubans, Afghanis --- and Americans and Canadians --- one day shall choose.

When is that one day? How many have to suffer before that one day is reached? I am not speaking about the US and Canada here by the way.

It is also reasonable to assume there will be many more wars before negativity towards "the" war becomes Rejection of War. Not really this didn’t happen in the fight against Fascism and Communism. The US public rejected Vietnam (which was actually a battle in a larger war) but still supported the Just War against the harbringers of Marxist dystopia.

Front-line journalism may even help turn people's stomachs.
I very much hope that it doesn’t in the grand scheme of things. Like Steyn I believe that the US is the only major power willing to stand up and defend Liberal Democracy. Europe has embarked on a journey into the sun and is in decline but unfortunately like the Romans in the 5th century AD will insist that they are on the up and up while Barbarism knocks on the door. Like frogs in increasingly warmer water they have been habituated to ignore their own demise.
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