Monday, July 16, 2007

30 Disturbing Trends

The following trends are really worrisome for one who champions the strength of the West in the face of intoleration, mediocrity and downright stupidity.

1. Western Europe's Low Population growth rate - substantially less than 2.1 (replacement rate) - continuing.

2. The growing influence of the George Soros crowd in the Democratic Party.

3. Republicans such as Dubya abdicating their role as opponents of affirmative action.

4. Our growing reliance on technology over common sense.

5. Homeland Security in the US being muzzled by the PC lobby.

6. Very few politicians rising in opposition against Class Action law suits.

7. The sanitizing of school curriculum history for the sake of ethnic sensitivity (whatever that is).

8. The growing Unholy Political Alliance between the Paleo-Conservatives and the Radical Left.

9. The increasing use of the phrase neo-con as a substitute by the Anti-Israel lobby for Jew (new face of anti-semitism).

10. The strengthening of Europe's Islamic Bloc especially in England, France, Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium.

11. The Transformation of Europe into a continent of Appeasers in the face of the Islamist Threat.

12. The decline of classical studies at the universities at the expense of the ideologically driven cultural studies.

13. Secular contempt for Judeo-Christian values.

14. The lack of political initiative by the Republicans to distance themselves from the Human Rights Violating Regime in Saudi Arabia.

15. Moral Relativism gaining popularity.

16. Several leading Atheists (Hitchens, Harris, Dawkins) using the problems with the Islamists as a tool to bash all religions.

17. The hysteria around global warming trumping common sense.

18. The failure of Post-Christian Europe to appreciate its past successes and formulate a more binding philosophy than that of pure secularism.

19. The growing deference towards celebrities as conduits of knowledge and reason.

20. The politics of emotion truimphing over logic.

21. A general inability to appreciate the deleterious consequences of Post-Modernism as a replacement for the gains of the Enlightenment.

22. More Flash less substance.

23. Racial Politics being used to dismiss black on white violence.

24. Corporatations setting themselves up as opponents of tradition in order to cater to the new radicalism.

25. More blame theory and less personal responsibility.

26. The ACLU's further transformation into an organization that runs counter to the common good of the American people.

27. More Illegal Immigration into the US from Mexico - driven by Corporate enthusiasm for cheap labour.

28. Rising gas prices that appear to be elastic for demand.

29. The Decline of NATO as an effective force.

30. Anti-Americanism as a Global Past Time.
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