Sunday, July 09, 2006

World Cup Musings

I have been pre-occupied in a very good way with the birth of my son. Nevertheless I still have managed as much as possible to watch World Cup Footer. This is part 1 in my musings:

Best Team offensively in the Tournament: Germany - Klose, Pod0lski and Schweinstager were brilliant

Most Exciting Team: Ghana. They always play to win.

Best Defensive Team: Italy (no surprise there)

Best midfield: France

Best Goalkeeper: 1. Buffon 2. Lehmann 3. Kingson (Ghana)

Biggest Disappointment team: England (once again)

Biggest surprise: Ecuador. They beat Poland and Costa Rica and almost knocked off England.

Most boring team: Sweden

Worst Losers: Croatia

Top 5 Games: Argentina 6 Serbia + Montenegro 0
Ghana 3 Serbia 2
Netherlands 2 Ivory Coast 1
Mexico 3 Iran 1
Portugal 1 Netherlands 0 (if nothing else the drama)

Worst refereered games: Croatia v Australia
Paraguay v England
Australia v Italy
Portugal v Netherlands

Best strategic game: Germany v Italy
Best defensive displays: France against Brazil
England against Portugal after Rooney was sent off.
US vs Italy when US was down to nine men.
Best manager: Juergen Klinsmann

Best goals:
Frings (Germany) vs Costa Rica
Cole (England) vs Sweden
Schweinstager's (Germany) brace vs Portugal
Rodriguez (Argentina) vs Mexico
Deco (Portugal) vs Iran
Zidane (France) vs Spain
Kaka (Brazil) vs Croatia

Best Defenders: 1. Cannavaro (Italy)
2. Thuram (France)
3. Carvalho (Portugal)

Most creative player: 1. Zidane (france)
2. Deco (portugal)

5 Teams with great heart: 1. Angola
2. Trinidad and Tobago
3. Ghana
4. Germany
5. Australia

10 Players who had poor World Cups:

1. Lampard
2. Pauleta
3. Ronaldinho
4. Rooney
5. Adriano
6. Ibrahimovic
7. Shevchenko
8. Roberto Carlos
9. Most of the Serbian team
10. Trezeguet
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