Thursday, July 20, 2006

Western Civilization - A resounding success

Despite much kvetching by the left Western Civilization has been a resounding success and humanity is much the better for it.

If you don't agree, ask youself earnestly which other civilization on Earth can even match up at all with any of these components below? I bet you that you can't find one.

1. The spread of Judeo-Christian values of Ethics and Morality.
2. The Development of Liberal (and I mean true Liberal) democracy. Easily the best form of government.
3. An unparalled output in scientific research.
4. Strong anti-corruption laws.
5. Emphasis on Individual rights.
6. Access to Free Speech and a Free Press.
7. Gender Equality.
8. Environmental Protection
9. Population control
10. Best levels of wealth distribution.
11. Strongest middle class.
12. Lowest Infant mortality rates.
13. Best Access to health care.
14. Private Property Protection.
15. Best sewage and drinking water facilities.
16. Highest levels of Gay rights (which I don't see as running contrary to Judeo-Christian values). Human rights are the cornerstone of the Judeo-Christian system.
17. Unsurpassed success in the arts and literature.
18. Best guarantee's of Freedom of Religion.

.... and with all of this there are those in our society who would seek to change it all by implementing the failed systems of marxism, socialism, fascism, religious autocracy or plutocracy. It boggleth the mind.......

Did they learn nothing from history?
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